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90210 01x19: Okaeri, Donna!

Oh Kelly[90210 Media]
So I wasn't as crazy over this episode as I was about last week's, but mainly because I'm not exactly Tori Spelling's biggest fan. It's nice to have old characters come back, but Tori sort of scares me. I'm sure she's a nice person, but everytime I look at her, I'm just a little taken aback.

Still, thank goodness for Liam and Naomi and Naomi's desperation to get noticed, because she is so funny and cute when she's doing all this. Woman, it's cool. Liam likes you -- I think.

No Donna, No!!!
  • So I wish they'd have focused more on Silver's bi-polar condition instead of Donna's return and Diablo Cody. I was kinda pissed at how Kelly was going overboard with Silver, but I wish they'd have gotten more into that one instead of flitting back and forth between Donna and Diablo.

  • Diablo, I love Juno and all, but this cameo felt so weird. It wasn't bad acting, just badly written. Silver's reactions were the best though. I liked how she'd give her moods to Kelly and the level of how she felt. I don't know much about bi-polarity, but it was a nice touch.

  • Still, feel like the Diablo came was off but I hope they don't just brush aside the Silver bi-polarness now that they've 'settled' things with Kelly. There's still so much more to talk about with Silver and I hope they dwell on that instead.

    Naomi is one desperate girl
  • ...and I love it. It's a nice characterization to see the Naomi (the supposed bitch) go crazy over boys. She's so insecure about how they feel for her, that she goes and throws herself at them. It's not the usual so I like it. Plus Annalynne is so cute doing this. This girl really is so pretty and she's really grown on me.

  • And how hot is Liam?!?! I know I still wish for some Ozzie/Naomi, but wow Liam/Naomi isn't half bad at all. Their hot-cold relationships is really intriguing and that makeout session underneath the tree in almost sepia tone was damn hot.

  • I hope they take this storyline further because it would be nice to see the struggle between Naomi and Liam more. On the other hand, the bad-boy-Ethan storyline just didn't hold my attention at all. Also, Ryan? Teacher Ryan? So hot in that Habitat shirt.

    Wilson Sibling Roadtrip
  • Oh 90210. That has got to be one of the funniest driving scenes to Arizona ever. The background was so bad, it was hilarious. And Dixon listens to the Beastie Boys? So cool.

  • And Harry and Debbie and the nude model?! Where'd this come from? Another stray storyline that I felt was forced into the episode. Maybe I'm just in a picky mood today, but I thought it was unnecessary. Instead, bring back Tabitha!!! I miss their grandma so much.

  • The only part that really touched me regarding Annie/Dixon was when Annie went and talked to Dixon's mom instead of him. That's when I finally saw their sibling bond and just felt natural. I wonder if Dixon's mom will be visiting Beverly Hills any time soon.
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