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American Idol 8: Top 7 Elimination (Falling Slowly Out of Love For This Show)

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I don't know what else to do with this show. I mean last night didn't even get me blogging straight away. I blog no matter how sleepy or tired I am, as long as it concerns Idol. This season has been making me slack off and just not care about this show. And I really want to care, because somehow I still have 'favorites' and yet it just doesn't match the high of last season or even season 6 anymore. Please get better, Idol?


Top EW Pamy Patty Lex Gen Sara Nikki Results
13 Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Jasmine Jasmine Michael Jasmine
12 Michael Michael Jasmine Jasmine Michael Megan Allison
11 Megan Alexis Allison Michael Scott Allison Kris Alexis
10 Jorge Scott Scott Allison Megan Scott Matt Michael
9 Scott Jorge Alexis Jorge Alexis Michael Lil Megan
8 Matt Lil Jorge Matt Jorge Adam Jasmine Scott
7 Lil Kris Kris Kris Anoop Anoop Alexis
6 Kris Danny Lil Scott Lil Jorge Megan
5 Adam Anoop Megan Alexis Adam Alexis Anoop
4 Allison Megan Danny Adam Allison Lil Scott
3 Danny Allison Anoop Lil Matt Kris Jorge
2 Anoop Adam Adam Anoop Danny Danny Adam
1 Alexis Matt Matt Danny Kris Matt Danny
And just so it's clear, this week's guesses will be carried over to next week's guesses so that when they remove two people, we have two chances of getting it right, not that it really matters cause this is just the most I-don't-care season for me.

And though I updated late about the performances last night, I was talking to Pamy and I totally called tonight's save. I didn't say that it was Matt who would get saved, but I told her they'd use the save tonight, cause they just had to. They have to show that their new twist has a purpose and that Idol is so full of surprises despite being on it's 8th season.

And really, they really should have used that save because Matt Giraud DOES NOT deserve to go. His performance last night may not have been his best, but it wasn't kick out worthy either. And sure, I have my bias, because I love him, but with reason. he's really good. And last night's Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman was far from rough. It was really really amazing.

Sometimes I feel like they're rigging this show to make it more interesting and I'm cool with that, cause that's the way entertainment goes. But when they keep keeping Lil in the competition when she's obviously not in the same league as the others, meanwhile bringing the likes of Matt (who really brought it last night) to the bottom is just sad for me.

Come on Idol, let's kick out those that really deserve to get the boot. Cause next week, I'm gonna be mad if it's a double Matt-Kris/Matt-Anoop/Kris-Anoop elimination. Watch me bring the pitchforks out. Wow did I just say I'd rally? Is this what this elimination/save was trying to elicit from bored viewers? An actual reaction?!

Then it worked and I'm still hooked on the system. Because this show knows what gets the viewers riled up. An Unjust kickout. And that would have been the Matt kick out, so congratulations Ken Warwick, you have once again proven yourself to be skillful with reinventing this show. I hope next week though, you let the talent that deserves to stay, stay.

Poll #1384457 Top 7 Elimination

Do you think Matt deserved to be SAVED?

I Don't Care

Which TWO do you want to get eliminated next?

Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheta
Anoop Desai
Danny Gokey
Kris Allen
Lil Rounds
Matt Giraud
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