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Zac Efron Likes to Say F**k a Lot

Why Hai there, Handsome[Zefron.Com]
Damn. Why so fine Mr. Efron?

I don't know who GQ is trying to appeal to anymore -- it's older gentlemen audience or the rabid fangirls that will eat up anything they give. Because really, after last month's Rob-Do-Me-Now Cover and this months, Zac-My-Hair-Can-Be-Crazy-Too Cover, I don't know what to do with myself.

And though I ship him with Baby V, you know I can appreciate him all on his own. The hair has me on the fence, but the rest of it is so very pleasing.

If you think you stand a chance with him, though don't hold your breath. With quotes like, "I’m not getting married until I’m 40. If ever. The thought never crossed my mind," it looks like Baby V's going to have to wait quite a bit.

No, he didn't really look up to Sisqo

I used to do random things, man. When I was a kid? I dyed my hair silver, to look like Sisqó in the ‘Thong Song’ video. I just didn’t give a f—. I didn’t care.

On the Entertainment Industry

I mean, it’s beautiful. But it’s so f—ed up. Up here, everything’s green. And down there, it’s crazy.

On his all natural eyelashes

If somebody can find any photo that
shows me wearing false eyelashes, I will give them a f—ing million dollars. That’s bulls—. (pauses) You know what, dude? A couple of times, when I was young, and I didn’t know what the f— I was doing—it’s just what happens... But f—, man. I have never worn false eyelashes in my entire life.
(blinks a couple of times) That’s all me.

Stop the Caterers, baby V

That was such bull—. I’m definitely not getting married. In this business, you’re either getting married or they want you to be pregnant.

Zac Efron Covers ‘GQ’ May 2009 [Just Jared]
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