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Chuck 02x20: Chuck Versus the First Kill

Do the Morgan[Caps By Me]
And so we get another EXPLOSIVE episode from Chuck albeit Captain Awesome-less and Ellie-less, but wow we get the return of Jill Roberts (who although a ton of people hate, I can't help but love cause Jordana Brewster is smoking!) and some crazy gun fights.

We also get an engagement, a cardiac arrest and some treason! I swear, NBC you better freaking renew this show RIGHT now, because I'm getting angry already. 2 eps left of this baby and I won't stand for that. And really, why settle for a series finale when we know this baby deserves an entire season more!!! Come on NBC!

The Requisite Buy More Subplot
  • Though these can get tiresome, evil and scheming Emmett found another way to corrupt the Buy More crew against Morgan and this time he drags Big Mike with them. I feel really bad for Morgan cause this guy just never gets a break. Big Mike and his mom and now this? Emmett, ever heard of karma? It's a bitch.

  • Lester and Jeff praising Emmett was really hilarious though. Jeff talking about defiling himself only at home and never in the Nerd Herder thanks to Emmett. Only Jeff could pull of something like that.

  • in the end, I felt really bad for Big Mike but really for Morgan cause he was just a pawn in all of this. I really love Tony Hale, but I hope that Emmett gets a well-deserved ass kicking. This guy truly deserves it. This is who you should be killing Fulcrum!

    Chuck's Engaged -- Well, sort of!
    "Most girls only get 4 C's with the ring. My girl Jill got 5. Cut, color, clarity, carat and Chuck."
  • Only Chuckles can say this and come off as charming. I have to admit that I was sort of happy to see him back with Jill (though I am a hardcore Sarah/Chuck shipper). It's just that if she weren't a baddie, it would work out. But yes, she's Fulcrum, I know. I just liked seeing how Chuck could be if he were 'normal.'

    "Talk about beauty and the beast. You must be loaded."
  • Bernie is Borat's producer, right? I'm not sure, but I felt bad for Jill having to lie to her parents and everyone and then Uncle Bernie trying to off them all. Thank god for The Morgan, it obviously works.

    "I always dreamed of giving you a ring Jill. Just not like this."
  • Totally broke my heart. I know that nothing will ever happen with Jill or Chuck but the fact that Chuck is still Chuck despite all the crazy things that's happened to him, it's what makes him special. He tried to save the other Fulcrum agent and is just really proof that he's pure and good. I heart him so.

    Sarah's breaking all the rules now
  • I love Jealous!Sarah. I know Sarah's also angry at Jill for trying to kill her before, but you can so tell that there's some jealousy there. Jill and Chuck had a REAL past whereas Sarah and Chuck can't even have a real present or future. jealous!sarah makes for protective!sarah and that's really adorable too.

  • Sarah trying to convince Casey not to go along with the plan was really just the cherry on top. Girl is in love and she's not thinking straight. Somehow though, in the deepest recesses of my heart, I believe that Casey's got it bad for Chuck too and wouldn't harm him. That's why I believe, at least.

    Chuck: "You're disobeying orders for me? you're committing treason sarah. you could go to jail." // Sarah: "I know."
  • !@#$%^&*()_+_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#@!@#$%^&*()_)(*&^%$#
    I don't know what else to say really except that Chuck/Sarah need to get married and make lots of babies together already and just live happily ever after and kill the entire CIA/NSA so they can be in peace and in love cause they deserve it.


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