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Take a Step and Come Out of the Shade; I Can Tell You're No Longer Afraid

Some of the High Highs -- 14 Down/38 To Go!Photo courtesy of Dad
I'm wishing for a really steady week. Just one that goes on day after day monotonously. Cause recently my weeks have been so erratic -- complete with high highs (enjoying with my family in the mountains) and low lows (getting crappy news regarding the path to graduation). I just want a non-eventful week with a steady pace.

Because really with 14 days left to graduation, I just want everything to be stable and sure and boring if that's what it takes, as long as it's a guarantee. I'm still going to need all the crossed fingers and prayers I can get. Here's to the last 14 day wait.


Last Day in BaguioPhoto courtesy of Dad
[+] Pamy went down from Baguio ahead of us because she had work the next day so the kiddies (well they're kiddies cause they're younger than me) and I spent the day just going about Baguio. We went to Narda's and mom and Fletcher bought bags.

[+] We went to SM Baguio that afternoon and I tried looking for a dress for graduation but there is nothing in cream/off-white or whatever so that'll be a challenge to look for when we get back to Manila.

[+] Had our last dinner in Baguio at the Forrest House and it was really nice and the staff was so polite. The food was so good too, but after the 3-day binge-fest in Baguio, I could barely breathe.


[+] Woke up at 4am to go home to Manila and I told myself I wouldn't sleep the entire way home like I usually do but ended up sleeping anyway. Manila is so hot and I'm so sad to leave Baguio so soon.

[-] Was supposed to go to the radio station to sit in with Rain but then got another set of bad news regarding our drama with a professor. I'm gonna need all the prayers that I can get. Graduation is so near and yet literally so far away. I really want to march on April 26.


Happy Birthday Con![me]
[-] Had to go to school to submit crap regarding the drama and I'm really worried about how things will turn out, but I'm hopeful for graduation. I don't want this mess to get any bigger than it already is so I'm hoping for a fast resolution to it.

[+] Got some good news from my thesis adviser and though it should make me really happy, the drama with graduation is taking away from happy news. I hate feeling this way.

[+] Got to go to the radio station and I surprised Rain! It was so fun to just escape the shit I'm in right now. It's annoying cause I'm supposed to be happily waiting graduation and I can't. Going on air again with Rain was fun though. I wish I could do this more often.

[+] Had dinner with old MCO friends for Con's birthday! I'm so happy to see them!!! I took Pamy with me and it's funny how things have reversed. Pamy used to take me to things with her college friends. It's my turn now. I miss my MCO working friends. They all seem so much older than me now even if we're all the same age.


[+] Finally caught 90210 and Idol and well, the former was soooo good while the latter was just so-so. I don't know why I'm still watching American Idol. Force of habit, perhaps.

[+] Took a nap right after eating and didn't wake up till it was time for mass. I love napping. I wish I could nap for life. No really. That's all I want to do. Nap forever!!!

[+] Went to mass and saw so many people! Other than ex-crushes who I'm on really good terms now, we saw family friends. It felt like a reunion of sorts! Then during Visita Iglesia (where we visited 7 churches and did the way of the cross), I bumped into celeni! It's almost like tradition to see this girl!!!


The Three Amigos[me]
[+] I don't know how I managed, but I woke up for the Stations of the Cross at 7am! But obviously thanks to the early rising, I crash right after breakfast and wake up a little after lunch!

[+] Saw the pictures from the New Moon set and I'm really excited for the movie. Rob and Kristen are giving the shippers a run for their money by looking really cute so I'm excited to see more of this.

[+] My relatives from the Netherlands came over for lunch and it was so good to see Graciella again. She's only 16, but is so pretty and looks older than me (in a good way). The last time they were here, she was really young, so it's good to see her again.

[+] Sat through the 2 hour veneration of the cross and the hour and a half procession for Good Friday so I'm feeling good about doing my good deeds for the day. I'm still hoping for positive results towards my impending graduation.


[+] started cleaning my room again, in part 1223132 of the installment of cleaning my room and well it looks halfway decent for Sunday's family reunion. We were looking at photos from the last reunion a few years back and wow we look horrid. I mean like, wow, I didn't even try to look good. Thus, Pamy and I have decided we have to level up tomorrow.

[+] Tried reading more of Pride and Prejudice (as I am a month and a half late on my reading list), and I'm really enjoying it, but I'm also always falling asleep. Will make conscious effort not to read laying down.

[+] Got through the 2 hour Easter Vigil and sort of feel there should be some feast after this like Noche Buena on Christmas Eve. I mean Easter is a pretty big deal, Biblically, so I say there should be some sort of big time feast after it too.


Easter Sunday Reunion with the DeLeonsPhoto courtesy of Dad
[+] Woke up early enough to clean more of my room as there is a lot of room to clean. We'd be having a reunion at our house in the evening and we needed to clean up the entire house, my room especially just in case anyone went up.

[+] Tried watching Across the Universe but didn't finish cause I went with my mom to Dangwa to buy flowers for the party. I just love this place cause it's cheap and the flowers are pretty!

[+] Finally got to the reunion and the food was so good. I don't think I overate this time which makes me very proud of myself. I just found myself to be very sleepy the entire time. I don't know why.

[+] Nevertheless, despite the tiredness, it was really kind of fun. The house was so pretty. I think my mom went a bit crazier this time around cause she wasn't cooking so she didn't have to worry about food and instead could focus on pretty-fying the house. Makes me want to throw pretty parties when I grow up too.
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