Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

My Future Dork Dwelling

My Future House[Etsy, swissmiss]
One day, I'm gonna own my own place and I always imagined it to be on the minimalist side. But of course, I wouldn't mind some quirky accessories.

And though I doubt when I do start living on my own, these will still be available, wishful thinking has me hoping that I can already sew by that time and copy it on my own.

The ENTER doormat is really geek-chic considering it's double meaning. And of course the CTRL-ALT-DEL throw pillows are just nerd-erific. They're just damn cute.

Now if only there were an equally adorkable nerd to cuddle up to on that sofa with those throw pillos, my future would be perfect.

Alt - Ctrl - Del Three Pillow Set [Etsy]
Coolest. Doormat. Ever. [swissmiss]
Tags: my room, tech
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