Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Voice Post: Waiting on Graduation

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“So it's Black Saturday and I'm supposed to be, well -- reflecting on Jesus's death and all that. And I guess I've been pretty good this Holy Week considering all the drama that's happened the week before.

I am currently 15 days away from graduation, and though I should stay positive that I am graduating, because there really isn't any reason that I shouldn't, there are external factors that are preventing me from enjoying this 15-day wait.

It's really sad, because instead of just bumming around and watching movies and watching a lot of television, and just you know, vegging out; I am constantly worrying and praying and crossing my fingers and just hoping for the best because of all the crap that is happening in school.

I was supposed to make this voice post last Monday, but then it wouldn't work out so I'm doing it later in the week and it's sad that I'm doing it on a less than happy note.

I guess I just need all the prayers I can get from everyone. So just pray that it's a steady path to graduation and that there are no more speed bumps ahead because honestly I've done all my requirements and gotten all my grades and just one more little hitch until I can finally, FINALLY say that I am graduating.

So if you guys or pray or believe in a higher power, please do pray for me. Because I really do need all the help that I can get. And an advanced Happy Easter to everyone. I hope it is a happy Easter for me.”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
Tags: college senior, voice post
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