Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Back As Bella and Edward

[Everglow Media]
Since this is the first 'filming' that I'm going through as a Twilight fan (of sorts), I got kinda excited seeing the behind the scenes shots of Edward and Bella filming in the parking lot. I'm thinking this is her birthday? If it is, so coincidental considering it was Kristen's birthday yesterday. Good to see that Rob isn't so pale and has a smaller bouffant. How long till November? Try to ignore the watermark. [Everglow]
EDIT: More pictures with more Kristen this time! And I'm sort of right! She's using her camera here, which must mean it's from her birthday!!! I just don't know if they merged a couple of scenes together. But Chris Weitz is seen!!!
Tags: behind the scenes, kristen stewart, new moon, robert pattinson
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