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She's 19![Kristen Stewart Central]

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Kristen turns 19 today and it's hard to believe she's still that young. From the way she handles herself to the things she's done, she's pretty much lived the life of a non-19 year old. I really look up to her considering she's three years younger than me -- and that's rare.

So I hope that on her birthday, she gets what she wishes for and less of the crap she's been getting from the haters. Here's to more movies beyond Twilight and less scary encounters with fanatics. Wishing her all the very best! Happy Birthday Kristen!

On Acting
“I love it because I love to tell stories. I like being in movies that have a great story. I’m not so interested in being a Hollywood star. It’s a job, you know. When you wake up at six in the morning every day for a week, it feels like hard work.”

On her audience
"I don’t want to make movies for kids, and I don’t want to make movies for adults either."

On singing in the The Runaways
"I don't want to speak out of place yet. I really hope to be able to actually perform the music, but I just don't know yet."

On being awkward in love
"I don't think I'm ever going to not fumble around. I think that's just life. That's how you live life is you fumble around."

On being clumsy
"Well, I'm definitely not the most graceful being, but it's really difficult to be clumsy on cue. It's like physical comedy. It was fun."

On maintaining relationships
"The hardest thing in life is to maintain personal relationships and to feel like they're real and genuine. You're always going to have expectations that you're trying to meet and you just have to roll with it.

On her favorite music
"The Beatles are a band I've grown up with, grown out of and grown back into a million times. It'd be weird to say anything besides the Beatles. However, we all became entirely obsessed with Van Morrison on this film. Rob [Pattinson] will take credit for that, and he'll resent all of us for taking that from him. [Laughs] However, we were obsessed — really obsessed. We saw [his live performance of] Astral Weeks at the Hollywood Bowl, and it was baffling. It was truly amazing. Van Morrison screams sometimes, and the way he emits is hard to describe. I liken it to when I find a script that I like. I can't describe what I like about it. It says something to me. It stirs me up, and that's what this music does."

on Dakota Fanning
“I can’t wait to actually work with her. We aren’t BFFs yet, but hopefully. I’m so excited that she took the part in The Runaways.”

On interviews
"One of the most common and ridiculous question I can't answer is: 'How does it feel to kiss a vampire?' Everybody expects a funny...I'm not funny. I don't have a witty answer. I always feel uncomfortable with it, sorry."

On big or small movies
To be honest, the difference in doing a big movie or a small movie for me, the biggest difference has been in promoting it. The making of the movie is [simpler]; shooting a movie, whether it's on a large scale or small scale, it's the same thing once you actually get in front of the camera. But promoting the film is a different story. Everybody puts so much weight on everything that you say, and I'm not too good at expressing myself. To talk about something that you're so vested in and put your whole life into all the time — I just really care about [acting], and I've realized that it's a bigger job than I thought it was gonna be.

On her mom
My mom is a momma bear. She’s the caretaker but in a sort of nonmaternal way. I have a lot of brothers who aren’t my biological brothers. We take in strays but I’m friends with my mom. The one thing that Bella is not getting from her mom is that her mother is not being a mom. She’s just a buddy and you don’t need a friend in a mom always. I mean, that could be a good part of it but you need more than that and I have both parts in my mom.

On People who think they know her
"You're so connected to people and they all know how to get to you, and everyone knows who you are, so explicitly. They think they know you. It's like, 'You really think you know me? I don't know me! How do you know I'm not different around someone else?' It almost makes the secrets more important, those few things you actually do choose to keep to yourself."

On Fashion
"If I’m just chilling out, then people can see me any which way, but it’s different when you’re putting yourself together to do something professionally. You’re under a lot of scrutiny. It’s a bizarre thing, to me, to consider that what I wear or what I do with my hair, can affect my career… I’m not the type of person who has a million things in my closet to put together, so I’ve begun to work with a stylist and we’ve started to figure out what I like. Simple, classically pretty things; I love Chanel."

On not expressing herself well in interviews
"Really, I'm incredibly disjointed and not candid," she says. "Just in general, my thoughts tend to come out in little spurts that don't necessarily connect. If you hang around long enough, you can find, like, the linear path. But it will take a second. That's why these interviews never go well for me."

On the fans loving Rob Pattinson
"They covet him. I think half of them are so jealous that they hate me."

On her family
I have sort of a picture perfect family. My parents are awesome and my brothers are like my best friends. But you change. You're so yourself when you're a little kid, and then you turn 13 and all of a sudden you are concerned about what you look like and you have all these insecurities. But, then, after you go through the different stages there's like a sort of triumphant, 'I'm done with that, and I'm becoming who I am.' That's where I am now, I think.

On Michael Angarano
"It doesn't make my relationship harder. It's not like, 'Maybe I should be with (Pattinson) to make them happy and it'll make me more popular!' [Michael] is totally not a threatened guy. But, dude, it sucks."

On being outspoken
"Georgia is all about the truth. She really calls everything by its right name. She's very honest. I'm honest but I don't think I have as much to say as she does. But I'm free with my words when I believe in something, I guess."

On loving Twilight fans
"I love the Twilight fans. I have literally never said anything remotely negative about them. You have to stay away from certain key words that can be twisted into a negative connotation, like the word ‘psychotic’ apparently is really bad. I don’t understand why. I mean, I feel like it’s a really humble position to take that it’s not normal to find yourself in a situation where there are 5,000 screaming girls and you’re literally like fodder. I feel like that’s not normal and it’s not something I should just say, “Oh yeah, it’s really cool. I love ‘em.” I feel like everything that I said in that Nylon interview, if you actually read the whole thing, was very honest and genuine and talking about something that I am so immersed in and have absolutely no control over and I’m just trying to stay honest and true to something that I care about. Yeah, that’s it."
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