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90210 01x18: Off the Rails

The Search Party[90210 Media]
Definitely the best 90210 episode EVER so far. And I'm quite surprised because when I was watching the opening scenes, I was already blown away. The style was obviously different and I really loved how they pieced together the sequence right before the opening credits because it was just something I haven't seen with 90210 ever. It was brilliant and got me concentrating on the screen instead of multi-tasking. And who do we have to thank for it? Well, partially a great script this week, but more than that, I'd like to think that Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Jason Priestly at the helm of this episode did a great job. Direct some more!!!

Silver Goes Off the Edge

Silver going batshit crazy and just going up and down with Ryan and at the train station was just made of win. Wow, Jessica Stroup has some chops and I'm really sort of afraid of her. I love how Ryan managed to contain her (for a bit at least). It was kinda hot in that forbidden kind of way -- although I know I shouldn't be thinking of them that way, I couldn't help it.

When Dixon saved her at the station though, that was love. I'm not the biggest Silver/Dixon fan, but when we finally heard something about Dixon's past and his mom and in relation to Silver, it was a nice touch. Plus all the scenes in the train station were WIN!!! I loved how this was edited and when Silver ran through the station, I died. I loved it.

They're Really Not In Kansas Anymore

The desperation in Debbie's voice when she couldn't figure out why Dixon was acting this way is such a mom thing to do. It was realistic how she kept doubting their move to Beverly Hills and the way she was really scared about Dixon's super weird attitude. Harry and Debbie (I just realized their names together make up Debbie Harry from Blondie!) make a good team and in the end when they started eating gluten-free French toast, it all went back to happy happy joy joy for this family, which I really love.

And Annie/Ethan are Really Finally Over

Though Ethan may be the most boring character, I've got to admit, he's a really nice guy (despite his minor slip-up with Rhonda). He's such a gentleman to Annie, always helping her out of whatever drama she's in at the moment. The dynamic with Naomi though is fabulous! Of course these two would be on the outs. Annie is dating her ex-boyfriend and all that jazz.

I'm loving Naomi so much though. She's got so much life and spice in her compared to well, Annie. That's why I'm not sure how long this friendship they have going on is going to last. I feel like they're going to fight again. Soon. Well they sort of have to, cause if not, all the lead characters will be getting along just fine and that would be boring.

Teacher Ryan is Still the Hottest

Kelly and Ryan should just get it on to get over all this awkward no-sex policy between them. So what if he slept with Brenda?! You're hung up on Dylan! Now you're even, move on and just be happy together. Ryan is really hot though. I'm loving this disheveled look on him, because it really really works. I felt bad for Ryan during the you're-just-my-chauffeur speech and felt no love for Kelly at that time. Still, she's got a point. I'm glad they patched things up in the end though. They need to date now.

Navid's Gonna Be an Awesome Dad

Navid's here! And he's eating sesame balls with Adrianna! I love how Naomi immediately thinks that's what she calls Navid. This couple is just made of pure win!!! Of course they get the baby-sitting plot line. I guess they want to plant it in Adrianna's head that she could actually be a ~good mom to her unborn child and not to give it up for adoption. But I vote adoption, or at least for now.

Adrianna trying to appease Sammy though is so funny. The funny face shots and the reading to Sammy was just precious. Navid loves you Aid! I'm worried how they're going to mes this couple up cause they've been pretty happy for quite some time and you know them writers...

Over all, dammit this was such a fab episode and I can't get over how amazing it was. I hope Mr. Priestly comes back to direct some more because so far, I'm loving his work.
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