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02x19 Chuck: Chuck Versus The Dream Job

Casey is happy and he knows it
I won't stop harping about how NBC should renew this show RIGHT NOW until NBC finally does renew this show right now, because this is possibly the best show on television right now and NBC has still not renewed it for another season!!!! WHY NBC WHY!?!

Was Casey clapping not enough for you?! Was Casey in a nerd-outfit NOT enough for you!? Was Chuck's father coming to the show and being so adorably like Chuck not enough?! Was the Chevy Chase as a Steve Jobs-type person NOT ENOUGH?!?! Well NBC, it was more than enough for me and I really hope you wake up to the Awesome-ness of this show. Like now.

Sarah's met her father-in-law to be
  • Sarah seated with Chuck in Chuck's dad's trailer was really sweet of her. She was breaking so many rules by just being there and so I really appreciated the fact that she stuck it out with him. Just further proof that she obviously loves this guy.

  • Sarah being all supportive of Chuck as he gets ready for interview at Roark Industries is so precious. It's such a supportive girlfriend speech disguised as the supportive handler. I wish Chuck could just work for Roark minus the Fulcrum mess.

  • Sarah must get together with Chuck before this all ends because the way these two look at each other is just priceless. She loves you! Take out that Intersect, quit the CIA and go live happily ever after please!!!

    Chuck + Tranq Gun = WIN
  • Casey as a nerd is the best disguise ever. This guy has had some mad wigs on, but the glasses and the plaid and the clapping like a seal is the best thing ever. If only for Casey, this show must be saved. But wait, he's just part of the EPICness of this show!!!

  • Chuck shooting Casey with the tranqs are so made of win!!! I just love how he wouldn't back down and just kept shooting Casey no matter how scared he was of what Casey could do. And Casey could do so much even under the tranquilizers. That's mad skillz.

  • And of course, Chuck finding out his dad was Orion. So many people called it already, but the look on Chuck's face when he found out was just heartbreaking. It gave me a sense of hope for their family. I don't know how things will turn out though. So NBC you better renew this now so we can find out next season!!!

    I Can't Wait for Ellie to become Mrs. Awesome
  • Ellie is the best sister in the world. I want to be an Ellie to my siblings and I want to find my Awesome. I totally understand where she's coming from and how heartbroken she is over their dad coming back. I need more of Ellie and Awesome.

  • Ellie blaming her dad for Chuck's misadventure at the Roark Industries event was so sad, but it wasn't like she didn't have a reason. I just feel bad cause Awesome looked helpless and so did their dad. OH drama.

  • But really, in the end, all I want is a Captain Awesome, who will make me pancakes for dinner and hug me and make me feel safe and loved and is preferably as hot as Ryan McPartlin. I'm not a fan of blondes, but for Captain Awesome, I'll make that exception.
    Captain Awesome, you're awesome
    Well if it's any consolation, I'm not going anywhere. Ever. I mean no matter how hard things get between us. Cause that's what married people do, right?
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