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Help Me!

I can't believe I'm already stressed out when it's only the fourth week of class. yes, I've barely even spent a month in class and I'm already feeling tired. I guess today just wasn't a very good day for me. Actually, thinking of it, a lot of good things happened today. So we had a quiz, and we didn't get the ideal grade on our mission statement, but other non-academic stuff did put a smile on my face.

First of all, I was hinting to my friend that I didn't have a date to the prom yet and that I needed to submit my date's name soon and even if he didn't say what I really wished he'd say, just the fact that he said he would help me if I needed anything, was sweet enough for me. I was okay with it. Plus, I was able to speak to him after a week or so. So that wasn't too bad, right? Still, I'm tired of some things like CL.

Of all subjects, I'm tired of Christian Living. I always got by that subject, because I do believe in God and I pray and all that, but this year, I have a feeling, it's going to take a lot more than that to get me by. I'm kind of scared of my teacher to begin with, but she's nice anyway, but she just has this over-all creepy vibe that surrounds her. She's an amazing teacher, but her assignments and her tests are just out of this world!

Still, I can't really blame her for everything. Maybe, if I didn't waste too much time, writing this and talking to my friends, then I wouldn't be sleeping too late or too early in the morning of the next day. Like take today, I slept at 3 am and woke up at 5 am. I had two hours of sleep and that just wasn't good. I was so tired, that I was drifting off during Advanced Algebra and I'm not exactly Ms. Math, so that wasn't very good.

Now, I have to type a prayer, a reflection, an experiment and check out the Medieval literature whatever and then I'll have to study for the quizzes and the other stuff school has in store for me.

How can I even think of November 11, when I can't get past June. This is bad. By November, I'd be dead. Again, not a good thing. I do want to attend my prom and I want to be there with a friend. So, if I want to be in school by November, then I better start studying. I have to go. I can feel my eyes droop already.
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