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I Wonder Why I Feel So High Though I Am Not Above The Sorrow

Thing should be getting better -- 14 Down/38 To Go!Photo courtesy of me
I wish the time would fly by faster yet at the same time, I wish it would stand still. I finally got a break from school (sort of) this week when I finally got my thesis in my hands and at the same time, I was able to go to Baguio to just take a break.

And yet, because I'm still not a graduate, all that worry and anxiety is still hanging around my head. There are 20 days left to graduation and it seems so near and yet, it couldn't be further away. Please come sooner. Please.


Marian & Ruth thesising[me]
[+] Went to school extra early so I could see if our thesis was ready for binding and it was! It felt so good to fill out the form stating how many copies we would need (that's 5 copies).

[+] Saw the un-google-able man, whom I totally have gotten over, so it was nice to just see him and talk to him and be totally casual. And since he and my friend are still very much together, I don't have to feel guilty about liking him anymore! In fairness, to him, despite knewing I liked him, we're still good friends. Such a nice guy.

[+] Finally launched our thesis website and got the sweetest comments from friends. I'm hoping that next week when we do release the series it'll be appreciated not just by my friends who are all so very biased and I love them for it.


Hazel and Mara also thesising[me]
[-] Had to go back to CMC cause apparently, our thesis had some format changes. Thank goodness for the very kind Ate Terry of the administration, because she totally calmed my fears. WIN.

[+] Got the BEST belated birthday gift ever from Sandy!!! It's my fault it's belated, as I kept forgetting to pick it up at CMC, but I finally did and it's beautiful! She got me a Jansport backpack that I've been lusting over since last semester. Sandy, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

[+] Received another surprise. This time in the form of a phone call from rocket man. I swear, what is up with bumping into ex-crushes these past few days?! Nevertheless, the phone call was sweet, congratulating me on graduation and inviting me and Anna for dinner soon. Also he asked me to watch a movie with him. If this happened last summer, I would be totally kilig inside, but now I'm just really touched. He's a really sweet guy. Definitely going to take him up on his offer.


Ralph and Iza[me]
[-] Went to CMC thinking my thesis was already signed and ready but apparently, it's still has to be signed and so I have to go back to school again tomorrow to make sure that it gets signed. I shouldn't be nervous because there's nothing to be nervous about, but I can't help it. I need more faith.

[+] At the spur of the moment though, I decide to call Iza up and ask her if I can come over to her house. She agrees but then changes her mind and says we'll just meet at Trinoma, which is a good thing, cause Iza lives quite far away.

[+] When I get there, Iza asks if Ralph can come along and of course I say yes. Any venue for Iza and Ralph to hang out is a good thing, and being the supportive friend that I am, I agree! Third wheel? Not really. I ship these two!!!

[+] We were supposed to watch a movie but the times weren't right for any of us so we ended up looking for a bathing suit for Iza (the prude decides to get a long sleeved surfing suit thing even if she has a really nice two-piece ready body!

[+] We also ate at Taco Bell (cause I miss those burritos) and at Dairy Queen (I LOVE blizzards). All in all, it was so fun to hang out with them!!! I'm gonna miss both of them when they both go on vacation and leave me alone!


Super fab day with my favorites Mimi and SophiePhoto courtesy of me
[-] I went to school at lunch so I could get my adviser to sign it but then I couldn't get into the department for dress code reasons (I wasn't clothed enough) so we did the signing outside. It felt good to see my adviser sign it because it felt so final. Unfortunately, I still have to wait for the dean to affix her signature too before it's all really done.

[+] Hung out with Sophie and Mimi the entire afternoon as they had their thesis printed in Philcoa and the Shopping Center. I missed my girls so much that I didn't go home straight away like I always do just so I could hang with them. They're probably 2 of the handful of friends in college that I can say that I really trust. I'm gonna miss them.

[+] Saw Hazel when I returned to CMC and I miss this girl too!!! The negative energy in my college has kept me from going there but then it also keeps me from seeing friends. I wish things were more positive and less scary in the college.


Senior Send off with MCO friendsPhoto courtesy of me
[-] Waiting for my thesis to be signed took forever. It's a good thing that ours was the first to be signed though -- even if it took the whole morning. I had planned on going to my org's send-off for the seniors as soon as I finished with thesis, but because I had to keep waiting for it, I ended up going to the sem-ender in the afternoon.

[+] Bumped into Ana on her way to CMC and it was nice to just talk to her again. I used to see this girl so much more and now it's like we barely see each other! This must be fixed and we must see each other more often. Besides, I have to force her to watch Twilight just yet.

[+] The send-off was really sweet and though I didn't cry, it was just nice to see org mates again. I've been pretty much MIA on my senior year thanks to the stress, but really there is no excuse. I'm so glad I joined this org though! Some of the best friends I've found in college were through the org.

Saturday & Sunday // Long Weekend in Baguio

I love Baguio foreverPhoto courtesy of me
[+] I've been to Baguio probably every year since I was born and I'm still not sick of that place. The cool weather, the good food and just time away from sweltering hot Manila is always a welcome thing.

[+] Plus our hotel had free WiFi which totally helped ease my separation from the Internet. But because I was on 'vacation,' I limited my use to thesis purposes only, and the occasional flist stalkage. Update my LJ? I didn't. That's self control for me.

[+] On our first day, we ate at this Korean restaurant that served the best Korean food ever. I don't eat spicy food, but I was so satisfied by the many many other choices. This started our binge-eating fest in Baguio.

[+] We went around John Hay as usual and saw a few stuff in the commissary that would be suitable for work clothes. Just the fact that I'm already thinking of work clothes scares me, really. But yes, that reality is about to happen soon, so I might as well be prepared.

[+] We had dinner in the hotel at 10pm because we all fell asleep and woke up late and so we had delivery instead. I love just vegging out. This is what Baguio is all about.

[+] Our second day was much more artsy. We had breakfast after mass at Cafe by the Ruins. It was my first time to eat there and the food was really good. Finally! My parents always go there on their trips to Baguio but the first time with me and Pamy.

[+] We went to the BenCab museum and wow his house is beautiful! It's so modern and zen and just how I want my future house to be!!! I'm no artist so seeing any and all kinds of artwork really just floored me. Beautiful pieces of art.

[+] We had a late lunch at Country Waffles and I don't know how I found space to put in the food but I did. We also saw Kidlat Tahimik (a famous artist) and I was super starstruck. He was really nice though to us.

[+] My folks and Pamy went to listen to music at the Manor, but we were too lazy and instead we stayed in watched Jumper again. We saw Definitely Maybe FINALLY and I loved it!!! Funny cause I brought PRide and Prejudice up to read and instead I ended up re-reading New Moon. Oh the joy. More on my Baguio trip next week.
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