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90210 01x17: Life's A Drag

Don't Wake Me Up[90210 Media]
Can I just express how much I've missed this show. I mean really. I don't think I could stand another really long hiatus especially with Skins gone and another Gossip Girl break. And thank goodness this is back, because somehow I've missed the sunshine-y drama of my favorite zip.

What I've also missed? Naomi, Adrianna and Teacher Ryan's hotness (whom I've heard will be part of the Melrose Place remake too!!!). And though the talk of someone leaving the zip code makes me sad, I guess this is meant for the best. Anyway, let's get on with it.

Naomi Ain't No Drag
  • There was a time when I couldn't stand Naomi. Now I can't stand it when she's not on screen. This girl has turned 180 for me and I love this little dream she has with Liam. So I miss Ozzie for sure, but Liam is too pretty to ignore and her dreams are well, so dreamy.

  • Naomi tutoring Liam Math on his car is obviously not a good idea, but I love how Naomi's scrambling to impress this guy. And of course he's smart! He knows angles already cause he's so unchallenged with high school! That made me laugh, but again his prettiness gets the best of me. God bad boys are so good!

  • And after all that drag racing, living your life on the edge, defending her honor by punching a random dude and smashing his car windows, Naomi gets a good night kiss too!!! How happy can things be for her right now?! Something tells me disaster is about to strike nex week.

    Silver is a Psycho!
  • For realz though. I like Silver. Though she did get soft when she got together with Dixon, but still over all on the cute side. But this episode unleashed the crazy that is Silver and I couldn't help but just screen cap all her crazy looks! I'm sure Teacher Ryan was pretty much shocked with her enthusiasm. And hello Dixon, someone can't get enough sexing over here.

  • The look on Dixon's face when he sees them doing it on a big screen is totally the best part. Obviously it would be weird. Come on, Silver. I didn't think you were this crazy?!? But I guess she is. Teacher Ryan sure as hell didn't see that coming.

  • And finally Silver throwing a bottle at Ryan and literally breaking (glass) into his home (which looked a lot like the Melrose Place quad to me!!!) was obviously creepy. I like where this story is going though. This gives Silver so much more. Now I'm interested in seeing how Dixon deals with this.

    Is This Ethan's Graceful Exit?
  • I heart Dustin Milligan. I think he's the cutest thing ever, but I guess the showrunner doesn't think his character is much and so I feel bad that he'll be leaving the show soon. However, the fact that he's not forgiving Annie makes me angry. I know Annie used Rhonda's sob story, but come on Ethan, you're not such a saint too.

  • Rhonda needs to go and disappear though. I just have no feeling for her and she's taking Ethan away. Though it doesn't really matter, cause Ethan is disappearing. They should go away together. But who will Annie be with?! Mystery alert!

  • Their break up scene in the end was sad, but all in all a fitting ending to their not so exciting relationship. Possibly the most boring storyline this episode, I'll forgive them for this tying up of loose ends to Ethan's storyline. Poor Annie.

    I Just Miss Adrianna
    Where's Navid?! And though Adrianna's been the lead-ish girl in the past episodes, I was hoping they'd use her more instead of relegating her to three appearances and only as foil too. Still, Adrianna was hot as usual and I just love seeing this girl on screen.

    I wonder how next week is going to turn out, but I'm just happy that 90210 is back again. Please don't disappear for that long anymore!
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