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Gossip Girl 02x20: Remains of the J

Just 16!?[Andreas @ LJ]
First off, I can't believe Little J is JUST turning 16. I swear my life was NOT this interesting when I was 15 going on 16 and though I felt like I was 'old' back then, seeing how Little J lives her life makes me feel like my maturity level was at kindergarten.

Nevertheless, Gossip Girl gets even more ridiculous this week (doesn't mean I love it any less), it just means the storylines get crazier. This just shows the showrunners can do absolutely anything and sort of get away with it thanks to the prettiness of the cast -- and the setting. I wanna live in New York!

Adults Moving Too Fast

So Dan gets fanmail but doesn't have enough money to get to Yale. Oh the problems of the poor folk on this show. And breakfast at the Van Der Woodsens? Don't these people get up so late they barely make it to school. Now they have time to trek all the way to the UES to have some jam?!

And Lily, don't!!! You just asked Rufus to move in with you 7 episodes after your husband dies!!! Am I the only one who finds this a little disturbing how she moved on so quickly?! Isn't the flat Bart's!? Wouldn't it be a little weird for Rufus to be staying in the same room Lily shared with Bart?! There's only so much interior decorating can do.

I love how all four kids are standing there looking all smug and really sick of hearing lectures from their oh-so responsible parents. And wow, Jenny's legs go on for days. But really these parents are probably the most inefficient punishment givers ever! Lily, believe Serena for once, she's actually been pretty boring these past few weeks which means she's been good.

I love how open Lily/Rufus are about Lily sleeping over. Her night clothes are also very posh. Something tells me that the wrap she has is cashmere or something and she just wears this at home!!! I wanna be rich too!

Wait, what?!? Dan didn't know Papa Rufus was planning on selling the house!? Well now he knows and he's obviously not too happy about it. Don't worry though kids, the adults do come to their senses and realize this isn't exactly the brightest idea ever.

And how coincidental that Rufus/Lily's supposed dead love child likes Dan's work in the paper!!! Only on television, folks. This one is just waaaay far out, even for me. I wonder how this is going to come into play in the future. And who plays Scott?!

Chuck/Vanessa Out of Nowhere

The carousel of relationships that's got everyone sleeping with everyone else leaves Dan and Vanessa as probably one of the few couples left that haven't had sex. Something tells me season 3 or the end of this season will be dabbling in that. I mean, look at all the possibilities, right?!? At this point, anything freaking goes.

I love how Chuck always seems to be driving up in his limo at the exact right moment. And V, you really shouldn't have made such big plans to begin with, this way you don't get too crushed. Still, I have to admit I feel bad for her, cause technically, she and Nate aren't broken up yet.

Chuck confronting Blair at the lockers and telling her she and Nate have no spark is true. It really does hurt to hear the truth, B. I wonder how the writers are going to write their eventual getting together because they sure as hell have built it up.

Nate breaking up with Vanessa like NOTHING happened and everything is Vanessa's fault is sort of bullshit. Sure, she was the one who left first, but it was Nate who reneged on his promise to go backpacking together, so Nate should at least try to be a bit nicer.

Don't you love how Chuck's dressed in red satin pajamas and has a fire right behind him? He so has Satan written all over him as the lowly sinner Vanessa gets lured into doing more sinful acts. I still can't believe they're dating in real life.

Chuck is looking at Vanessa's boobs. Vanessa shouldn't really feel so offended, after all 3 Brazilian women did take off their tops for Chuck in the first episode alone. The shot in the elevator is cute though. I like it.

Okay V, calm down and let's think this through. Do you really want to be associated with Chuck Bass!?! Aren't you supposed to be the proxy moral compass on this show when Dan's being a dick and when Rufus isn't preaching?! Then again, how could she have resisted Mr. Bass?!

Waking up next to him though and striking a deal about this fuck-buddy status really does change things for Vanessa. No longer is she the outsider trying to do bad things to the In crowd, cause this time she's gotten help from Chuck and once you go Chuck, you don't come back. Then again, the writers could pull another trick out of thin air, so we never know!

Serena and Jenny both need to grow up

Wow Serena woke up really early! She was able to dress and blow dry and make up and all and walk to the bakery to buy something and then go back home and unload everything ALL before school. Serena is a superhuman.

I'm glad Jenny's being all normal and stuff, but I would have said yes to that party! I wonder how long this goodie-two-shoes streak is going to last though. I can feel the eyeliner getting thicker and the bangs getting longer. Don't let emo-goth Jenny back! I like her better this way.

Eric really is the sage of this show and I'm so glad we finally get some of him this week. Serena should just listen to Eric all the time and have a little Eric in her pocket to consult with life decisions. Thus the reason why Eric is so scarce on the show, he needs to reside in Serena's pocket to make sure she doesn't do anything too stupid -- like say kill someone. Oh wait, she already did that before too.

Did I hear right?! Did Serena say they were in Missoni?! Either way the dresses are beautiful and I want to be Serena's charity case. Also, wow, Jenny looks good in anything, huh?! Well with legs like that, I'd show them off all the time too!

The Humphrey's in the elevator is cuter than Chuck/Vanessa in the elevator. I kinda miss the brother-sister dynamic these two have. I want more non-annoying plotlines involving Dan/Jenny cause they really do feel like siblings to me.

Penelope and Co. just need to back off already. I felt bad for Jenny that HER sweet 16 is anything but sweet for her. Serena needs to apologize sincerely for this. She caused all this drama. Though Jenny should have admitted faster that she was the one who invited all the crashers. Serena doesn't need to take the fall either.

Jonathan said one line and it was funny! I swear i need more Eric/Jonathan cute moments because there is a serious lack of it! Come on CW! Gay love isn't uncommon at all anymore!!! Because I literally can't get enough of Jonathan and his adorableness.

Oooh Poppy's leaving. Who cares, really?!? Her posse don't even look that rich and sometimes I wish they'd just go back to her old hair because that made her really pretty in my eyes at least. I feel this haircut is too severe. I like the old Poppy better.

Serena and Dan changing bed sheets together is such a domesticated thing to do and it's really adorable how they get along better when they're not together together. I therefore propose that Serena and Dan not be allowed to get back together, because they're so much better as friends.

Kids we're home and there is a riot and police outside our house isn't exactly an omen of good things to come for this family. Still, i have to say, they sure as hell look pretty together. The brother and sister shots all lined up looks really nice on camera.

Go to Spain, Serena! Because that really is the solution to everything. Poppy's new hair distracts me, but I can't get over the fact that she's just jetting to Espana. I really do want to be this rich!!!

Gabriel is dating Poppy but had a previous encounter with Serena/Savannah!? Is this the Rafaello-Follieri-inspired-plotline that the writers have been hinting at?! And if it is, then we'll see more of Poppy and her new haircut, I guess. For now though, let's play boardgames with Eric, Jenny and Jonathan cause they're the only sane ones on this show.

Blair/Nate need to be (just) friends

See you guys! Walking in the snow together is cute! And B trying to make allusions to Brangelina and Jen Aniston is so adorable! I'm sure Dorota subscribes to the tabloids and Blair secretly reads them to keep up. But you guys should stay friends, I'm liking this platonic dynamic.

Nate kissing Blair on the forehead is just a sign that he's just trying to stay friends and unfortunately, Blair still doesn't see it. I'm sure Dorota does though but she's just keeping her mouth shut cause Blair is happy. Dorota needs her own spin off.

Serena is actually making sense, B. You and Nate are drama free cause there wasn't anything to really have drama about, other than Serena herself. Oh B, grow up a little bit and realize that Nate isn't your future. You know you're still hung over Chuck.

Seeing Chuck/Vanessa kiss in the party was pretty lame of C/V but the looks on N/B's faces were priceless. Obviously, you should be switching partners because you're all just pining for the person you're not with. I'm exhausted.

Blair trying to weasel her way into a relationship with Nate in front of Vanessa is pretty pathetic. I kinda feel bad for V just because she's getting tangled in this web they weave, but I guess she also brought this upon herself by siding with Chuck.

Blair throwing herself at Nate is such a flashback to the first season's first episode. It really seems like the only time Blair wants to do it with Nate is when she's trying to prove something to someone else. In the first season, it was cause Serena had already slept with Nate and now, it's because she wants to show Chuck they've got sparks. Oh Blair.

In fairness, I actually felt for Nate when he told Vanessa she was becoming more like Blair. But if so, why is he running after Blair then?! I have to agree though, Vanessa sure transforms pretty quickly.

Dorota and Blair walking in the snow with a fresh loaf of bread for the ducks is just precious. I really do love Dorota and if it's happiness with the doorman for her then so be it! This woman has so much drama to deal with, I feel for her.

Surprisingly, I didn't super get repulsed by this scene and it does border on cuteness when you don't consider what the hell is really happening. Because in reality, Nate shouldn't be doing this and just a scene ago, it seemed like he was making the correct decisions. I'll blame the snow giving him a head cold and not thinking straight because this will obviously screw things up.

I don't know how coherent exactly my thoughts were but I did this at nearly 4 am and my brain isn't functioning very well anymore. I'm going to read this tomorrow later and laugh. And wait a minute, another 3 weeks till the new Gossip Girl?!? What's up with all these hiatuses!!!
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