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Chuck 02x18: Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Hey! Stripper! [Chuck TV]
Possibly one of the cutest episodes ever for me. I always feel like Chuck just keeps getting better every week and it really pains me that it still has NOT been renewed for a third season. Come on, NBC?! What the hell are you guys waiting for?! This wait is NOT fun.

How can you cancel a show that has the cutest characters and craziest storylines ever and yet manages to make my shipper heart squee thanks to the adorableness of Zachary Levi and Yvonne Strahovski? And this week we get a mega awesome time with a lot of Captain Awesome (sure, he only takes his shirt of twice, but not bad at all)

Ellie and Awesome's Not So Awesome Time
A bachelor party is a mythical place, where booze and women are free. It's Xanadu -- Jeff

  • And mythical it is! I love how Agent Forest comes as the cop stripper. Woman is hot and this totally makes up for Jeff's sister's discounted stripping extravaganza. Lester and Jeff taking pictures for documentation are so typically them and will so get them in trouble. But how can you blame the bachelor party virgins, right?!

    How can i be tempted by a hamburger, when i have steak at home? Seriously babe I love you. -- Awesome

  • Oh Awesome! Stop being so awesome! I love how he totally said no to Agent Forrest when even I couldn't say no. Woman is too fine. Too bad he got tranq-ed though. I swear Agent Forrest is the female Casey. But more on that later. I hate seeing Ellie and Awesome fighting. It's just not right to see them argue.

    Oh my god! it smells like heaven. Either someone's making sugar cookies... or, Ellie. -- Morgan

  • Morgan gives the best lines and his infatuation with Ellie is scary for Ellie, but thoroughly entertaining for the rest of us. I'm hoping Ellie and Awesome can fix this though cause I hate to see them fight!!! They should be awesome together, not un-awesome. And fighting makes them un-awesome, but real.

    Casey and Alex could be sitting on a tree!!!
    Wow you guys are a match made in a very frightening place in heaven -- Chuck

  • Is it possible for Casey to have found his match?!? I love how Alex and Casey totally say the same things and love the same things. If they showed Alex's apartment, I can bet there'd be a Reagan photo somewhere. These two need to get together immediately.

  • I love how Casey was getting so tempted by Alex because let's face it, woman is scorching. I have a feeling this would push Casey to get Alex out of the picture because it would compromise his work if he were lusting after his partner. I mean, Sarah is hot, but she's Chuck's. It would have been fun to see Alex and Casey get it on though. But they're too professional for that.

  • Casey standing up for Sarah in the end was really really sweet. Casey BARELY ever shows any emotion but when it comes to Chuck and Sarah, you can see him cracking at the edges. I'm so happy to see him care for Chuck and Sarah. These three really make my heart melt!!! Best team ever!!!

    Sarah is so obvious with her 'feelings'
    For you, it's a job. For me, it's my life -- Chuck

  • Chuck getting personal messages from the General in his room is a little irresponsible for the General. I mean Awesome kept walking in on them by saying "Special Agent Carmichael" Does the General NOT have voice detection?!? Someone's secret life is going to get uncovered soon.

  • Alex ratting on Sarah and then failing to protect Chuck made me break out my evil laugh and point a finger at her and go, "I TOLD YOU SO!!!" So Sarah does let her emotions influence her when it comes to Chuck but as Chuck so inarticulately tried to explain, it also helps him out. I'm so happy they get to stay together. There's so much love there!!! And she's willing to break rules for you too!!!

  • ACK! That was an almost kiss!!! Why would Chuck's dad interrupt them like that?! Then again, it is CHUCK'S DAD!!! Meaning next week, we get to see Mr. Stephen Bartowski!!! I'm too excited, I'll forgive them for not letting Chuck and Sarah kiss. SAVE THIS SHOW NBC!!!!
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