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Although I Might Be Laughing Loud and Hearty, Deep Inside I'm Blue

I Should be Counting Down to Grad Instead -- 13 Down/39 To Go!Photo courtesy of me
And the days can't go by any slower. Not that I want them to speed up. But sometimes, I just wish I already had my diploma in my hands. Not because I'm raring to work or anything -- far from that. I just want the assurance that 27 days, I'm going to be able to go up that stage with my sablay and get my diploma without the drama.

The waiting to graduate is excruciating cause I feel like I'm not supposed to be relaxing/enjoying yet. And yet, there really isn't class to attend nor are there imminent deadlines to meet. And so I'm stuck in this limbo that I'd rather not be in.


Katlog, we ♥ you![me]
[-] Anna and I were on our way to shoot our teasers when a traffic cop flags us down for apparently loading in a no-loading zone. There was no sign whatsoever. He was a meanie. I should have known this was an omen of a bad day.

[+] Had so much fun shooting Katlog, Jen, Mav and Ralph though! I love seeing my talents in Ateneo just because they're so fabulous and nice!!!

[+] Saw an ex-crush from highschool after a really loooooooooooong time. It was surprisingly not so awkward. I know he has a girlfriend now and I'm actually really happy for him. I hope they work out great.

[-] Received worst news ever after mass. I need all the prayers I can get. I want to graduate this April without any hassles.


[-] Didn't have to go to Anna's to edit, but then my house = distractions! And so it took me forever to start editing and when I did start, I was correct when I told Anna that my computer would not read .dv files.

[+] Luckily after a gazillion codecs later, I found a .dv to .avi converter. The audio isn't so good, but it'll have to do. Who knew editing 30 second teasers would take so freaking long?!

[-] Spoke to Ma'am and found out that she didn't get our thesis. She said we'd have to re-edit. Nightmare! How are we supposed to do that?! Anna managed to fix it. My partner is love.


Editing 2.0[me]
[-] Woke up late to go to Anna's house to check our re-edits and attach the OBB and teasers that I made. I swear I'm a fixture in this house already.

[+] Spent basically my entire day with Anna fixing glitches in our thesis. It actually makes 'more sense' now. Anna and I were getting all teary-eyed watching it (and to think the music isn't even complete yet!)

[-] Made it home in time for mass and a few more edits of our final paper. Or at least I hope it's our final paper. Cause that's a lot of paper (246 pages so far!!!)


Printed Thesis Ver 1.0[me]
[-] Printed 246 pages of thesis only to find out from Ma'am that our headers and footers were wrong. It's funny cause we've been submitting these same ones ever since and we only find out NOW. oh well

[+] Ma'am saw our 2nd cut though and thought it was much better. Now she wants us to produce all five weeks. Really?! not for thesis though, but just for fun. Okay ma'am when we're richer and less stressed I guess.

[+] Begged Pietro to make a 30 second teaser/OBB music and my brilliant brother finished in record time. Super helpful, super fab.

[+] Went to Casa Canlas to do final editing with music all alone. Literally. There was NO ONE else in the house. Kinda creepy being alone in a house that isn't yours at night. I thought that would be fast. Not. I missed Idol.


Waiting in Music[me]
[-] Woke up early enough to print our thesis (all 242 pages of it) but when I got to CMC, our department's secretary was out so I had to wait till lunch and then I was just able to leave the thesis. Very anticlimactic.

[+] Bumped into Mikey though and gave him an impromptu tour of CMC. Mikey helped me with my thesis by helping me look for my actors so I feel so grateful to him. I've never really hung out with Mikey without my friend Lee-Ann (she's how I met him to begin with) so it was probably the first time I ever really had to interact with him that much. But this guy has so much life and it would have been fun if we were coursemates (he goes to a different college). The first of two tours I'd give that day. I also gave one to Paola while waiting for Pietro to get his Music results.

[+] Went to Trinoma for the shortest while just to get my mom a bag. I wanted to go around but then we wouldn't make it to mass. And right now mass >>> mall. I need all the prayers so I'm trying to be good.


I Finally Saw Lee!!![me]
[+] Started working on the website for the webseries and I finally found a way around the layout! Not that it's any better or anything, but at least it's not the standard template!!! Whooppeee!!!

[+] My grandma and cousin Niko came over with leche flan which is really really good. I think I want my grandma to make me more!

[+] Drove all the way to Malabon for Iza's graduation dinner and I'm so glad I did (despite the traffic) because the food was sooooo freaking good. I'm definitely stuffed. I had everything and I know I shouldn't have, but I did.

[+] Hung out with Lee (cause Iza was doing a lot of mingling) but when Lee left me, I stayed with Ralph (Iza's *friend*/an actor for my thesis). Ralph and I aren't close at all, but after he agreed to act for my thesis, I feel really really indebted to him and so it was nice to just hang out with him and talk. He and Iza look really good together/really happy. I'm so happy for them.


Congrats Fletcher!!!Photo courtesy of me
[+] I wanted to go to Pietro's graduation bacalaureate mass but I obviously didn't wake up for that (it was at 7am) so instead I went to the 10am normal mass.

[-] For some reason, was utterly exhausted and so I kept napping throughout the day instead of fixing the website for thesis.

[-] Woke up and got ready for Pietro's graduation though our parents told us to not go anymore because traffic in Ateneo is/was horrible and we'd be stuck in it instead of at the graduation. It's funny how it never occurred to us to just watch the live stream on the Internet. FAIL.

[+] Have dinner after in Ninyo and wow the food was amazing. I had these pork trotters which was just so crazy delicious but also so rich. The chef was pretty cute too and he kept walking out of the kitchen, checking on everyone. It's too bad I didn't have the guts to complement his cooking.
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