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Skins 03x10: Finale (Cook-Effy-Freddie-JJ)

3 Musketeers + 1 Girl[Skins Nation]
First off, I can't wrap my head around the fact that the next time I'm going to see this gang is NEXT YEAR. That can't be right. These Brits know how to tease because though so many things happened in 10 episodes, I wish I could see more of them.

Nevertheless, because everyone else's (Katie, Emily, Pandora, Thomas, Karen and Naomi) storylines were pretty much wrapped up last week, we get absolutely none of them this episode and though it works for the episode, I wish they were all here. Still, the four characters featured did have a lot of unresolved issues so this entire episode was devoted to them.

The Impressive Shots Begin
I just love how this finale was shot. So many scenic/pretty shots to look at and gawk at. I wish I were this skilled with lighting, framing and editing to make such great final products. I'm so inspired.

Cook & Effy Actually Sorta Work
Sure, they're both wild and erratic and just plain crazy/escaping their realities, but I guess that's why they get along. I actually sort of appreciated how they were there for each other when they didn't know who else to turn to.

Oh and I just had to post shots of Effy looking hot, because she's very very good at that. Kaya, you're too young to look this dangerously hot. You're going to get into a lot of trouble by looking this good.

Curse the Mofo JJ
JJ: "I motherfucking, fanny farting, cock munching resign."
Freddie: "What you mean you quit? You can't quit."
JJ: "I can. I learned from the best."

I really like it when JJ stands up for himself and because two weeks ago, he lashed out at Cook, it's but right that he vented some frustration out on Freddie too. These three need to make things work and I love how JJ just lay it out there. You sort of deserve this, Freddie.

JJ: "I used to do magic. Not anymore though."
Anthea: "I used to be married. Not anymore though."
JJ: "Pick a card. Any card."
Anthea: "I thought you quit."
JJ: "Some things are hard to let go off."

Their back shot was just divine. I want to sit in a park and look out at a really blue sky. I know it's called post-production, but dude that's hot. And onto Anthea and JJ, their conversation was just ouch. Then Anthea had to add the last bit about knowing Effy and I was practically in tears.

Anthea: "The thought of letting it out. Showing her cards. It scares her to death."

Reason # 91264 Cook's dad needs go DIAF now
Effy: "You're not his dad. not really."
Cook Sr.: "You're not his girlfriend. not really. You're gonna fucking snap that boy's heart in two."
Effy: "You've been doing it to him every day of his life."

Show him Effy! Show him that you do sort of care for Cook even if you're just using him to hide from your feelings for Freddie. I love how she's so smart to come up with comebacks like that to this creepy old man.

Freddie Wants to Jizz In His Pants
Freddie: "Oy!"
Karen: "Sorry! Facebook just really needs to hear about this."

Karen really is a sister you love to hate. I'm not asking them to feature more of her or anything but I want to see how they use her next season. She was nice foil to see Freddie's family life but it would be nice to see something other than that. Don't pair her with anyone from the gang though! And I need to find her Facebook now.

Effy: "Cook needs your help. You need to come get him right now."
Freddie: "Why can't you get him?"
Effy: "Because I love you."

Wait, what?! Did Effy just say she loved Freddie out loud?! And she said it to get him to help Cook out, which makes me doubt it, but hey as Anthea said, it takes a lot for Effy to let out how she feels. So I have to admit for a while there I actually got giddy that she finally said it.

That's a Nice Tradition
Cook: "Let's fucking settle this."
Freddie:"In a race?"

Only Cook could pull off saying this and get taken seriously. I love how Freddie totally gives in just because he 'loves' Effy so damn much. Too bad for Cook though, so much is hanging on this one race. He better run really fast. Best part? JJ joining. This boy is the best thing ever.

Run JJ, Run!

I'm loving how Cook cheated and Freddie totally gave up after the fact. So very Freddie and so very Cook. I'm so happy that JJ won though. He had strategy boys. Instead of trying to beat each other, he took things slow. Way to go!

Hail the Wushu Finger
JJ: "This is a wushu finger hold. I learned it from a book. On film... Let's not air our dirty laundry in public boys. (to Effy) You too. (to the other guy) Not you loser."

JJ officially wins at life! I actually want to see him make Freddie's eyes pop out. It would be cute if Freddie and Cook got matching finger slings. Cause you know they love each other like that. Don't deny it boys.

Laying His Cards Out
JJ: "Now lets get down to it. No more evasion. No more oooh I'm so fit? and mysterious . Now Freddie, he's in love with you. aren't you Freddie? aren't you Freddie? And Cook? He loves you. Yes? And just for the record, I love you too. Plus I won the race. So three boys one girl, it's an insoluble equation. Unless you choose. Then we can finally get back to our lives."

When Effy looks at Freddie without saying a word and Cook sees it, my heart breaks for him. The walk out was hot and I just feel really bad. I mean JJ is right, Effy should just choose, but it just seemed so 'sudden' (after 10 episodes, I know) and so I kinda feel bad for Cook. He's so in love too.

This is your foreplay, Freddie?
Freddie: "What did you expect? You made this a game first. Remember that stupid fucking list? You made this happen. This is all your fault [that] this is so fucked up.
Effy: "I know."
Freddie: "I know? What kind of reason is that?"
Effy: "It's all I've got."

I swear only Freddie can blame the girl about breaking his friends up and still get in her pants. Thank goodness this one is better lit cause I could NOT see anything during their 'first time' in the forest. I'm such a perv. But really, I waited 10 episodes for this, I'm expecting some action and well, they sort of delivered.

Anyone is better than Cook's dad
Cook: "You all think that i'm scum. that you're better than me. That you're better than my dad."
JJ: "Cook I'm not beter than your dad. You are. You're better than someone who runs away from the people who love him -- who need him."

JJ is really the sweetest friend ever. He's trying so hard to keep everyone together and telling this to Cook would really mean a lot to him. I just wish they'd kiss and make up and that Effy doesn't choose anyone so they can all be friends again. Yeah right.

Reason # 1700385 Cook's dad needs go DIAF now
Cook Sr.: "Let me tell you something Jack. I never wanted you in the first place."

It's official. I hate his dad. No one makes Cookie cry this way!!! You're so going down Cookie Sr. And he does! Thanks to Freddie (temporarily) and Cook (forever!!!) I really felt Cook's pain though when he was crying his heart out.

Fist Fight for Effy?
Freddie: "Cook please just say it's ok."
Cook: "I can't, Freds. I just can't. I'm sorry I just fucking love her, I'm sorry. I just fucking love her."
Freddie: "But we can't share can we?"

Honestly Freddie doesn't need to ask for Cook's approval but this just proves how important Cook is to him. Bros before hoes?! I don't know. But Cook not saying it was okay was a good thing because obviously it isn't and it would have been fake/martyr-like of him to just give in! Now I can't wait for next season.

And the last frame when they both come out of the boat. I swear the slash fans everywhere are rejoicing cause that looks like a morning after! You guys are in love, you know you are!!!

What Happens Now?

What happens now indeed!? This is like the weirdest cliffhanger ever, just because things are at crossroads of sorts for them and though it isn't a Tony-gets-hit-by-a-bus ending, but it's pretty much going to set up a lot of questions for next season (or rather NEXT YEAR). Damn it E4, why so far away?!?! I don't think I could last that long.

Bye Bye For Now
Nevertheless, it was a great series 3. It definitely made things different from the previous generation and I'm really psyched for how things roll along in the next season. I'm getting too attached to them already. See ya later, Pandora, JJ, Naomi, Thomas, Cook, Freddie, Emily, Katie and Effy! Don't get too high while on break!
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