Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Camilla + Tennis = Love?

Love Hurts (in tennis)[JustJared]
I played tennis for about two a year of my life (I had a crush on our coach) but since then I've sort of liked watching tournaments when I catch it on TV. Still, I wouldn't call myself a fanatic, otherwise I'd know who the hell Fernando Verdasco was. But why would I even start caring about him?

Well because he was 'spotted' having lunch or something with Camilla Belle at the ATP Tournament in California. I don't know if they're just friends or whatever but Camilla looks like she's having fun with the tennis world's #9.

Sure, they're looking quite the comfy pair, but I'll try not to jump to conclusions with this one. I mean as they always say, we're just friends and really, they could actually be just buddies. Plus she's looking really happy, so that's enough for me. I wanna be as pretty!!!

Camilla Belle: Oh, Fernando! [Just Jared]
Tags: camilla belle, candids, girl crush, sports
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