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Chuck 02x17: Chuck Versus the Predator

Sleep Tight Morgan[me]
This week's Chuck brings us a less explosive plot but one that hits closer to home -- well sort of. The Buy More is definitely used in abundance -- complete with a Beverly Hills branch which sort of looks like the Burbank branch only with more standees.

And the stakes get even higher for Chuck as the General whom we see only on a screen makes a real-life appearance! And the bad guy from the The Mummy is the bad guy here!!! I wonder if this guy ever gets good guy roles, cause he doesn't look very nice and I imagine he'd be frustrated with type-casting, but anyway...

The Battle of the Buy Mores
  • I swear there were too many funny scenes to cap but I managed to narrow it down to a few of the crazy favorites. First off, Jeff's office! How fitting that it'd be in the urinal! I mean really. Jeff and the toilet bowl seem like a perfect match. Of course the laptop Orion sent would go to them. Only they could screw this up so badly.

  • Emmett guarding the Buy More while Big Mike bangs Morgan's momma is priceless. Jeffster going up to Sarah and Casey and not realizing it is even more hilarious. I love how everyone seems to be robbing the Buy More on the same night!

  • The standees and the Buy More guys from Beverly Hills all doing their fight stances are hilarious. I love the scenes when Big Mike and co. were preparing/attacking the BH branch cause they're such amateurs and yet so serious about getting even. Their superhero poses at the end were too much love!

    Is Orion Really Dead?
  • I love how Chuck plans the mission and tells Casey and Sarah NOT to bring guns and yet they end up bringing guns anyway. Trust Casey to not follow the mission. But why are they letting Chuck call the shots? I guess too much familiarity already?

  • So the guy from The Mummy pretended to die and then lived to attack Chuck while he was alone with Orion's computer. I swear these bad guys never just die! But Orion dying on that helicopter seems suspicious. I feel like Orion isn't really dead yet. Or maybe that's just met.

  • The General telling Casey to stop living in the 80s was hilarious. The messages that Orion left for Chuck though -- I don't quite understand it, but at least there's hope for him to get the Computer out of his head. As Schwartz said, the finale is a game changer, so I hope this gets a third season! It totally deserves it.

    The Tiny Bite of the Chuck/Sarah Sandwich
  • We didn't get much love from these two this episode and I guess I'll have to take what I can get. But the way they look at each other at the start of the episode when they were all dirty from plumbing? Too much cuteness. I swear I feel like Sarah wanted to say something but stopped herself.

  • While she was reassuring Chuck about the General and about trusting her too, it felt like Sarah was really trying to get to him on a personal level instead of on a spy level. I know it's genuine, so I hope her spy responsibilities don't get in the way!!! Come on, you deserve a little love too Walker.

  • When the General started questioning Casey about Chuck and Sarah I felt kinda bad for Casey cause he was really sticking up for Sarah and Chuck there and now he has to give unedited reports to the general. Boo.
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