Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

Yet Another Talent I Don't Have

Hoop The Hoop[P45 Rant]
I've never been very good with the hula-hoop. Case in point, me trying and failing. Thanks to barrytender for documenting this humiliating piece of history.(Also I did not pee on myself, that's water, I swear). Thus my envy when I saw this 14-year old kid do crazy-ass antics with 30 plus hula-hoops. His abs must be to die for.

I now strive to be more like Natalie Portman who can apparently hula-hoop. I swear, what else can this girl do?! Stop being so perfect.

But you know who else can't hula-hoop though? This really adorable baby, but then again, he is a baby and I just have no excuse. I think I have to add this to my list of things to do before I croak. I'm gonna get wicked abs with this hula hoop!

But for now, check out this amazing hula-hoop prodigy. Doing the hula is hard enough, this kid can do so many tricks and just won't stop. This kid is my idol!

14-Year-Old Hula Hoop Prodigy [YouTube]
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