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Gossip Girl 02x19: The Grandfather

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Despite his all around blandness/blah-ness, Nate Archibald can still do something to a girl like me. Maybe I'm a sucker for his prettiness, but everytime I see him onscreen, no matter how irrelevant, he just inspires me to strive for pretty boys!

So despite the not-so-action packed episode and more of an exploratory narrative into the 'tortured' life that Nate has to live, I actually kind of enjoyed this episode. It had a Chuck/Blair quasi-reunion, some Dan/Serena whatever-ness and let's not forget some Rufus/Lily adult 'angst.' But the real question is, where the hell is Eric!?!

N & V's Trouble in Paradise
I know N/V have a lot of haters, but for some reason, I can't find it in myself to hate on them. Here with cousin Tripp, I don't understand why Dan is suddenly hanging around the couple. I guess he doesn't really have a decent storyline now and is thus relegated to foil for V and N.

Nevertheless, we see V try to be a supportive girlfriend by forcing N to attend the apparently ritual get together at the Vanderbilt mansion! Something tells me she's just curious to see who the family is. But hey, kudos to herself for trying to be 'supportive.'

The Grandfather arrives via helicopter! How rich! Or not. I love how Dan is again with the couple. Does he have no other plans this week? I guess not. And then we find out that Tripp invited Nate on his own without the grandfather's knowledge? Will Grandfather shun poor Nate away? Of course not.

Instead he gives Nate and Vanessa (and Dan too) a tour of the house. Wow, so many years of distinction prior to Nate's. It is but right that he goes into politics. How cliche, but then again these dynasties do exist for a reason.

Touch football gets aggressive and the girls watch from the sidelines. It would have been more fun if we saw V tackle D. Instead, she gets a pep talk of sorts from Maureen, Tripp's fiance. Beautiful, let the ladies lunch as they discuss Nate's future! So not V's thing.

Look! It's Little J. I know Little J was all cool with N and V together but isn't it a little insensitive of V to keep going to her for advice?! She's still a girl you know. Of course she's still hung up on Nate. Even if it is Nate.

How cute can N and V get though? While discussing Pierogie Tour '09, they can stare longingly into each others eyes. But only for a bit, cause V tries to be supportive again and sends Nate off to his grandpapa. I feel this will all backfire for her.

And look, Dan is THERE again!!! I feel like Grandfather is doubting D and V's relationship. Is he the fag to her fag hag? because they're around each other far too much. I thought D hated being surrounded by privilege? Or was that last season?

Tripp outs Nate's political future to V and V is not happy. What happened to our backpacking plans N?! I thought we could do it Pacey/Joey style as they sailed around Capeside! But no, N kisses her worries away, because that always works. Good boy.

Or so she thinks, because apparently N is taking the internship at the Mayor's office. I wonder what Bloomberg is going to make this pretty boy do?! Certainly not clerical work; his hands are far too pretty for that. This should be interesting.

And so we see the early demise of N/V. Come to think of it, this is possibly the longest standing relationship on this show and they realized that it's lasted longer than 2 episodes and thus must break them up to make room for more swapping spit on this carousel of love. Don't worry V, he'll come around again.

Rufus & Lily's Listography
Lily and Bex sitting in her couch discussing art, when wait! Rufus calls!!! But wait, didn't Rufus date Bex too!? Yes he did and I sort of had high hopes for that love, cause D/S still had it going on. But now it's just all awkward. Something tells me we won't see Bex after this episode though. Just saying.

And so Lily comes up with another brilliant plan to list all of their ex-relationships. Yes, because digging up the past is ALWAYS a good idea, Lil. But it's okay, I don't think Rufus's list should be that long. He doesn't seem like a player to me at all.

When even S thinks you've had quite a list of relationships, likened to the yellow pages, you know you're in trouble Lil. But not to worry, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree and I can see S starting her engines. I love how these two really can pass off as mother daughter. So cute together.

Last minute regrets with the list perhaps? After seeing Rufus's oh so brief tryst list, Lil decides to ditch the second page. I mean come on, what's one more page right?! I wanna see the list of Rufus though. Which girls did he get to swindle into his bed with those embroidered shirts he dons.

But with a little snooping, Rufus finds page 2 of the list in her conveniently opened bag. Lily, you're not a very good liar. You should shred these things. I'm sure Bart has a contraption in his office.

And so Rufus does the usual confrontation and Lily does the non-denial and a walk out. Why do these two have to be such kids?! That's what the kids are for, you guys should talk it out. Oh wait, they did spawn Dan and Serena who never talk about anything. Now I know why.

Only for them to kiss and make-up. Oh how they love to stretch stories. At least we get a sort of cute fireside kiss. These two are too adorable, that no matter how ridiculous their storyline is, I'll lap it up.

B's Quasi Meltdown
There was a time when I could not for the life of me imagine Chuck and Serena as siblings (especially when I look back at the pilot where Chuck tries to rape Serena with truffle sandwiches). And yet now, it just seems so natural. God I love these siblings. Thus my looking for Eric. Eric would give Chuck really good advice.

Instead we see Chuck going to Blair bearing gifts only to find out she's been cavorting with the enemy aka real life love Carter Baizen!!! Only Blair can lounge around in lingerie that hot and seem so natural about it. The look on Chuck's 'tortured' face as he sees his 'one true love' being groped in front of him is priceless.

Gasp! B's stealing sunnies from Bendels! And Serena doesn't call the cops on her. Of course. I love how Blair's trying to be bad when she's been bad all along. It's a cute effort. I'd say she got pregnant and squandered all of Eleanor's money though, that would be more 'bad.'

What happened in Santorini?! Even I'm curious. I have a feeling it's one of those I-killed-someone-NOT! plot lines again, because that was utterly vague and confusing. But hey, it got 2-episode guest star Carter out easily so who cares?! I do!!! These writers build up guest stars only to get rid of them unexplained. I.e. Georgina, Aaron, Poppy, Miss Carr, and now Sebastian!

Ooooh, what mysterious townhouse is Blair entering? Is this her version of the men's club?!? Will there be naked high society escorts with masks here? Something tells me no.

Did Chuck just bribe Dorota with MONEY?!? *GASP* Dorota can never be bought. Her allegiance to miss Blair is more than any amount of cash will ever equal to. I love how Chuck tried though. Someone 'really' wants to get Blair back.

Blair begging to get into Sarah Lawrence is really sad. For Blair at least. It's so Blair to cry to Deans. But then again, the book version of Blair wouldn't just cry, she'd make sure she got the message all the way home. I guess GG is too 'tame' for that. The desperation really makes me sad though. I wonder where she'll go in the fall.

S with her hair all flattened out takes a little getting used to. I love how the ENTIRE cast is suddenly at the Vanderbilt mansion. Saves on location and plot time. I love Blair's dress and Blair drunk too!!! She's just the cutest drunk ever.

Chuck 'saving' her from embarrassing herself and others is really adorable though. I love how Chuck sweeps in and totally takes her away and at the same time thanks the guy for his 'adult' websites. So very Chuck Bass.

The Almost B/C Reunion
Well, it's better than nothing folks. I love how Chuck's taking the moral high road here by not taking advantage of Blair throwing herself at him. These two obviously love each other and are just waiting for 'the right time' but it's so funny how the two most evil conniving characters sort of have the most heart.

I have to admit that the Nate/Blair scene in that empty room was kinda cute though. They never did flesh out the B/N love in the beginning so I'm sort of excited to see how they pan this one out. Something tells me it is but fleeting though for the eventual Chuck/Blair union.

And here are the seeds being planted. B looking longingly at Nate as she listens to him wax poetic about how they're so similar in their confusion of what to do. Yadida. Come on, just get it on -- Hi, Society style!

Chuck being all emo on his bed and Serena giving him advice is such a sibling thing to do. These two are too cute! thank god they're siblings though. I can't imagine the writers pairing these two up seasons into the future.

Chuck's late night visit to Casa Waldorf is obviously going to get a turn down. I wish he would have just gone up the stairs even if Dorota told him no. I mean what can Dorota really do right?! Or wait, maybe Dorota's skilled in martial arts. Better to be safe Chuck.

The Return of B/N?
Well hello Miss Waldorf. Way to get a guy going. Nate, you just sort of broke up with V! Have a little self-control. Oh what am I talking about?! Nate doesn't have self-control and Blair isn't really thinking this one out. So he's staying. Hello next episode awkwardness.

And Mr. Smart Bass strings things together and realizes that Nate is upstairs. I wanna see a fight over Blair next episode. I want fists thrown and bruised noses. I want some action folks!!!!
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