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Real Mean Wear Tutus

What is up with these long and lanky British boys?! I first heard about Jamie Bell thanks to his breakthrough performance in Billy Elliott which I have yet to watch, but ever since then I found him sort of adorable. He's got this innocent bad boy thing going on. He's not exactly tabloid material, so I don't count on seeing him drunk out of his ass outside some pub, and yet there's this charm about him.

Then I found out he was dating Evan Rachel Wood, and I totally squeed on the inside, cause seeing them in Green Day's video really worked for me. But even after they broke up he was in Jumper and though he wasn't exactly the lead, I thought he was hot.

Now, he's going to be in The Adventures of Tintin which totally excites me cause I love that book and it would be cute to see him in a not-so serious role. But really, he's just really pretty to look at, and that's enough for me.

On always improving on himself
"I think what's important is that you keep on changing... You show people your range and show them what you can do. You keep people guessing."

on recognition
"it's nice when big stars come over and say, 'Great job.'"

On ballet
"Ballet is very hard. It takes a lot of practice to get to a certain standard. You have to know a lot about the steps because when you take examinations they'll ask you all about it."

On his foul-mouth
"I'm a hard-mouthed north-eastern lad. That's me - the Eminem of Northeast England."

on his least favorite subject
"I hate maths. I can't stand it. Circumferences of circles and stuff - it's horrible.

on becoming his own person
"I think I became my own person dealing with my mother and sister. I never had a father figure so I never missed it. In fact, I thought it would be just another person to discipline me."

on teen angst
"Inner demons? Got none of them. I had teen angst for a while, but I think every teenager has the angst."

on why he's glad he didn't win that Oscar
"I think it would have ruined my life. Can you imagine going back to school on Tuesday after winning an Oscar? You`d be nuts. It`s unsafe in this industry for a young person. You need to be protected and to keep good people around you."

On when you'll see him dance next
"You probably won't see me dance in the movies again unless there's a 'Moulin Rouge 2' or 'Chicago Returns'."

On working hard
The young generation of actors are lazy. They don`t do any work. They turn up, and say their lines. I would rather get better at what I do.

Poll #1370345 Hot or Not?

Mr. March: Jamie -- Hot Or Not?

Hot -- I'd jump that any day
Or -- Can boys be ballerinas?
Not -- totally defiant on this one
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