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Want This To Be Over, I So Want This To Be Through

[Hiatus: 12 Down/40 To Go!]
If two weeks ago I thought my week was just picture-less, this week was picture-less AND boring. Beat that. I guess spending four days at my thesis partner's house editing doesn't really make for very interesting stories, but I had fun despite the hiatus. Nevertheless, here is a rundown of my very very picture-less/dull week. Hopefully next week will be better -- more like it better be better cause this week was just busy as ever.

[-] woke up uber exhausted from shooting but couldn't complain cause Anna calls me with distressing news that our tapes have NOTHING in them
[+] rush to her house sans car and fix things. then i head to ateneo to record forgotten VOs with our lead character
[+] finish capturing four tapes and choosing the footage we want to use from hours of bloopers
[+] go back home to get clothes for impromptu sleep over and take car
[+] take a nap while computer finishes copying all the footage
[+] wake up at 1am to start editing. I get episode 3 & 4, Anna does episodes 1 & 2. We both split editing episode 5 -- finale.
[+] Once Anna leaves for class, I finish episode 3 and fall asleep till noon. Wait for Anna to get home for lunch but give up -- eat lunch alone. Great food.
[+] Manage to finish episode 4 before the day is over. See Anna collapse from her long day at school
[+] Have an amazing steak dinner.
[+] Start editing episode 5 since I'm free anyway
[+] Volunteer to do episode 2 since episode 5 is done and the boys (brother and cousin) need to see the whole thing before they can score it.
[+] See Anna off to her whole day shoot for another class and stay at home with Zorro as I feast on a sumptuous lunch alone again
[+] Finish editing the entire series and head home to show boys the 'final-ish' work
[+] Call up Iza and fall asleep on the phone while talking to her.
[+] Do not wake up until the next morning.
[+] Return to Casa Canlas at 9am to color-correct the rough cut and fix the audio and just make sure everything is back to normal-ish.
[+] realize we have so much to do and regret sleeping at home the night before
[+] Tam comes over and records his VOs. Surprisingly productive despite the visitors
[+] Anna leaves for a despedida of a friend as I bug brothers to send me the music
[+] Boys arrive at Casa Canlas at 10pm and stay till 1am scoring.

[+] Stay up to render
[+] Wait up with Anna for her phone interview which was apparently NOT at 2am
[+] Laugh/bond over the fact that we're sort of done
[+] Head to CMC to submit our work and pick up our paper
[+] Receive the worst news ever. Cry over it again. Rush home. Pray my ass off
[+] Receive funniest gift ever from my dad from Singapore. Momentarily forget the shitty day
[+] Nap the afternoon away while waiting for my laptop
[+] Wake up feeling a bit better
[+] Try to catch up on the backlog of non-entries I didn't make while on my very fake non-semi-hiatus
[+] Cannot help but worry about my future/graduation
[+] Put off revising thesis paper, because LJ is my priority at the moment or at least until the backlog is gone
[+] Finally see my sister and Idol and thus the gushing over certain contestants and performances
[+] Pray some more
[+] Manage to wake up for mass. Thank the priest for allowing us to use the Church for thesis. Too giddy over this fact
[+] Swelter in the heat and realize I have done NOTHING since coming home from the very productive four days at Casa Canlas
[+] Revert back to laziness and sweating in the heat of summer! Wonder why it is not even a little rainy?! Come on weather!
[+] Still worried about Monday but generally feeling more calm. I am in the right.

Tags: 2009 weekender, college senior
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