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New Mooning Already[Lion & Lamb Love]
I'm freaking back! Yes, my semi-hiatus was sort of a farce in a sense that I never really left LJ as I kept myself sane with editing by constantly reading my flist, though I did stop updating. But because I had so much I wanted to update about while I was on hiatus, I decided to update about them anyway.

And because I didn't want to flood my flist with a sudden surge of entries, I backdated all of them and have this entry instead to link to all the crap I wanted to update about but couldn't because I was stuck either a) shooting for thesis; b) editing for thesis; c) crying over drama.

For my sake, I hope never to be gone from LJ that long again. In fairness to me, I survived without updating, but checking my flist? I couldn't stand a day. I don't know if I could do another hiatus ever again. And Rob, Kris, Taylor and Ashley are welcoming me back only because I can't wait for my DVD to arrive!!!

Patty's Mega Backlog of Updates

[+] I had my pre-thesis shooting week in review which I had to make a week later because I was too swamped with the clips upon clips of things to edit.

[+] Skins: I finally watched 02x08 Effy and 02x09 Katie and Emily all in one day! Crazy ass episodes. I'm going to miss this show. Also, like me, Gossip Girl was on hiatus and it pained me that I didn't get to watch it on the day it returned. Nevertheless, here's my recap of 02x18 The Age of Dissonance

[+] I also finally had this month's Girl Crush! And it's none other than the oh so pretty Rachel McAdams! Gotta love this woman.

[+] And though everyone else has written about it, I couldn't NOT put Rob's smoking hot GQ cover. Those pictures need to be immortalized. But where there's Rob, there's got to be some Kristen. Here is some Kstew looking smoking fierce at the premiere of Adventureland. How can I not crush on this girl?

[+] I also missed letskilljoy's rocking birthday. And it sucked cause I already made a gif for her! Hope it's not too late!

[+] For the first time ever, I also missed American Idol. And Top 11 Country night wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The elimination this week was also pretty good as I wasn't really attached to the eliminated contestant.

[+] And finally, I tried to form a coherent post on the death of Natasha Richardson and Francis M. Still shocked over it.
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