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Skins 03x09: Katie and Emily

Don't Get Fit; Get Fitch![Skis Nation]
Why is there just one episode left to this series?! Why do we have to wait one more year for the entire gang to be back with their drug-taking, pill-popping ways!? Why am I suddenly missing this show already even if it hasn't gone off the air?

This week, we get a glimpse into the lives of the twins, Emily and Katie. Emily, I feel like I 'know' more than Katie so I was looking forward to this episode to see Katie a bit more. Though I wish there were some Cook or some Effy, I guess it wouldn't really do much for the story if they were in it.

Katie Has a Different Brand of Love
  • Mr. Fitch is hilarious in a freaky sort of way. I love how he sent his son to the 'naughty bar' as punishment. These kids are going to get really buff with the amount of naughtiness they do. It's too bad they're in denial about Emily.

  • Freddie sort of apologizing to Katie was kinda sweet. So when Katie told him that there was nothing she could do to make him like her more than Effy, it actually sort of broke my heart. I'm all for Freddie/Effy, but I feel horrible for Katie. I hope she finds someone decent and more loving than Freddie.

  • Katie needs to get over herself and just accept Naomi and Emily. Their catfight at the Love Ball was fun though. That gave the dance its much needed pep. Of course Doug and the principal girl getting it on would have been fun too, but nothing beats a cat fight.

    Emily Loves Naomi
  • Emily pretending to be Katie and JJ noticing and of course Naomi too was really cute. And though it's hurting Emily, I can't blame Naomi for being confused. like she said, she's not so sure about anything. And well, I hope these two just become sure already so they can finally be sort of happy for the finale.

  • Thomas is possibly the 'purest' character on this show and it was really sweet of him to give Emily his coat and jacket. Who isn't sweet? Emily's mom. The way she treated Naomi was just mean. It sort of made me want Naomi and Emily to be together more.

  • When Katie tricked Naomi into meeting up and then telling her to stay away, I felt really really bad for Naomi. This girl is obviously in love with Emily though she's not quite aware of it yet. And though Katie loves Emily, she really needs to back off. So when Naomi and Emily walked away from the Love Ball holding hands, my heart jumped for them. Who knew I'd like these two together?!

    The Twins Speak in Code
  • Freddie having a picture of Effy on his locker door was crazy! Hello?! Does Katie not see this?! The twins trying on clothes for the ball was really cute though! I've always wanted to make one of those montages. It always seems so fun to dress up and look pretty! Multiply that by two with twins!!!

  • Anything with Freddie and JJ in this episode was win. The way they reacted to the twins coming out in their matching gowns was hilarious. Mr. Fitch saying he'd kill them is such a fatherly reaction. And of course, JJ's blubbering about his sleeping with Emily is so typical. Thank goodness Mr. Fitch didn't catch that one.

  • Naomi showing up at the ball all pretty was so cute!! I loved what she was wearing! But what really broke my heart was when Thomas and Pandora reunited. Panda looked really remorseful for all that surfing and turfing and it was nice to see Thomas be so forgiving. I hope this lasts for more than an episode.

    I learn something new each week
    "Gordon McPherson says you call 'em 'dykes' cos you have to stick your finger in 'em" -- James Fitch

    All in all, it was a sort of great almost wrap-up to the series. A lot of stories were sort of given closure this episode and so I'm excited to see how they tie up loose ends next week. This series has definitely given some highs and some mediums, I'm psyched to see how next week turns out.
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