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Gone Too Soon

[Cinema Source; Pinoy World]
I was by no means Francis Magalona or Natasha Richardson's biggest fans and yet their passing has left me sad. I had only seen Francis M during my Philippine Idol days where he served as a judge and so the news of his cancer and death really hit a chord especially since he's got so many kids.

With Natasha Richardson, I had only seen her in Parent Trap and Maid in Manhattan and though she played the sort of non-villainess really well, I never really followed her career. And still when I heard she died in a skiing accident, I was shocked and felt bad for her husband Liam Neeson and their kids.

I'm not very good with writing about death or how I feel about it, but they both seemed like really nice people and it's always sad to hear of death. I hope their families find peace after their passing. R.I.P.

Francis knew he would die young [Phil Star]
Natasha Richardson: Loved ones gather in New York for wake [EW]
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