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Bumming with Bauer

I'm so lazy. I won't get anywhere with this attitude. I had planned to do so many things today that I wasn't able to accomplish a single thing. I have two session tests, one quiz, should have done my ADMU essay, but instead I've done nothing.

That's what sucks with having no classes in the middle of the week. Not that I'm complaining, because I love having rest days, but the downside is you get so out of sync. The normal routine of working is broken and work is not accomplished. I end up becoming a bum for the rest of the week.

I'm nowhere near done finishing anything! I was supposed to study for Economics before dinner and now, it's nearing midnight and I am nowhere near done. Demand is very demanding indeed. I didn't think that it would be this confusing. Supply is another story. I didn't think I'd be this confused. Elasticity wasn't very clear to me in class and now, I have to do Physics and CL. Plus, the essay just in case I'm still awake.

Grr... this is really horrible of me! I keep watching television. Is it my fault I am a slave to the boob tube? All I need is the remote control and a bean bag and I will be glued to it! Why are there so many good shows on anyway? Why do they have to make the schedules fall on school days? Can't all the good ones be on the weekends? That way, I'll have a marathon of great, entertaining shows every weekend.

Speaking of marathons, I just had a mini-version of this with 24 season 2! Thank you to the hot hot hot Helen for lending this to me! This show just gets me going. I'm at the edge of my seat half the time! My dad and I watch this a lot and it makes me think that Kiefer Sutherland aged beautifully. Jack Bauer, his character on the show, is just the most quick thinking guy ever! He's so smart! And he kicks major ass too! My hero! He looks better now than he did before. I can't believe he was ever with Julia Roberts and that they almost got married. I just realized too, that Julia seems to have the hottest boyfriends ever -- with the exception of Lyle Lovett of course.

Once again, I'm obviously not concentrating on my school work. I wonder how I'm going to survive tomorrow. Will I even be awake enough to get through it? I just want to get over the UPCAT and I'll be the happiest person on earth. Of course, I'd be happier when pass the UPCAT (trying to think positively!).

I better get off the computer before I get even more guilty.
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