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Girl Crush: Rachel McAdams

I must have a thing for girls named Rachel. And yet, how can you blame me when McAdams shares her first name with my other girl crush Bilson. This Rachel though is a bit older and more of a "veteran" so to speak and yet she's got this freshness about her that makes her seem like an ingenue every time I see her.

But then she speaks and you realize that she has been around because she carries herself with such grace and so much composure. You don't see tabloids with Rachel on the cover screaming blatant lies, and that's maybe because she just doesn't live that way. Did I mention she was extremely pretty too? If just for that, I crush her already.

1. She's just a normal girl
"I guess I was a floater, but not really. I don't know. I didn't get high school."

Sure, she's this Hollywood actress, but for some reason I feel like I can relate to her. And that doesn't happen a lot. Despite her beauty and her presence on camera, when she's out of the movies, I feel like she's just this normal girl with an abnormal job. She's

2. She has her own flair and style
"You know when you find a great dress, you've gotta hold on to it."

Not exactly the girl to grace the best dressed lists, but she owns whatever she's wearing. Whether she's blond with a pink streak or brunette or even a redhead, this girl can pull it off effortlessly. And because she's not so tall (though still taller than me), it's nice to see what she wears cause it gives me hope that I too can dress pretty despite my shortness.

3. She makes movies she likes (and I like!)
I suppose there is a little bit of a numbers game played in Hollywood, so of course the success of something like Wedding Crashers helps, but it's not something that you seek out, ... I didn't go into that movie hoping it would make a ton of money, but I did hope that it would hit an audience and people would really enjoy it

I'm sure she'd love to win Academy Awards one day, but for now I love how she's got a nice mix of movies under her belt. From her mean yet loveable Regina George in Mean Girls to the really sweet but confused sister in Wedding Crashers to the tough cookie Amy in The Family Stone to the claustrophobic passenger in Red Eye and of course the epic Allie in The Notebook, girl proves she's got some range. And seeing her in the upcoming The Time Traveller's Wife is making me really excited.

4. She's not so domesticated
"I once made a - it was supposed to be a 30 minute - bean salad that took me like 6 hours."

I can't cook to save my life and it's nice to know despite her awesomeness, she can't really do it all either. Admitting to this really made me crush her more because I can totally relate to her on that level of her culinary ineptitude-ness. Score one for the undomesticated!!! Our numbers shall rise.

5. She doesn't consider herself an IT girl
"I've sort of heard that "it" girl thing, but not really. Hearing it from a few people doesn't solidify it in my mind and I wouldn't know how to solidify that title. It's so elusive and what does it mean, I don't know?"

How can you not fall for her after this? Despite the fact that she did become an IT Girl at one point in her career, she didn't live up to the notorious side of that name by partying it out every night or just making a round of being tabloid fodder. It's wonderful to see someone who isn't into that kind of scene and just into their career.

On being right on time
"Timing can be everything in this town. The timing has worked out really nicely."

On the thirst for life
"I have a certain curiosity for life that drives me and propels me forward."

On diversifying her dates
"I don't know, I like to go on really different types of dates. Going someplace new or some new part of the city, something that's not your average thing. Something where you just go have an adventure together."

On versatility
"You know, I have some issues, ... But I just love to play different characters all the time, and I try not to repeat myself too much."

On living life
"I could die happy tomorrow"
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