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I Never Thought That I Could Feel There's Something Risin', Risin' In My Veins

Probably the BIGGEST week of my College life -- 11 Down/41 To Go!Photos taken by me
The days go by just like that. I started this week dreading the end and by the end of the week, I was just glad it was over. I've never been this exhausted in my life and yet never so happy. My entire college life has been building up for this thesis and now that we can finally say we've done it (shot it at least), it feels really good.

Still, it's a long way to go. Editing, revising the paper, making the website and all that jazz, but after this week's shooting, at least we're one step closer to making it real. Just 41 days to graduation.


Sam & Caloy[me]
[+] I had a thesis scare when I first woke up. My lead actress text me saying she had a tennis tournament scheduled for Sunday morning. I got really alert and text her saying we couldn't let her go to that cause she was needed in the morning. Then I checked the text again and saw she said Sunday and NOT Saturday. Phew. False alarm. She only has scenes in the afternoon and evening on Sunday. God still loves me.

[+] I had our pre-production meeting in school with eeliphant, anaalcala, selloutchow and Caloy. It was nice to see so many people helping out and my week is pretty much booked with things I have to do for the shoot on Saturday. I'm glad things are sort of falling into place.

[+] One of our locations called and said a room we wanted was going to be used during our scheduled time, so I had to fix the schedule around that. That means one of our actors is going to have to wait three hours till we use him again. I feel bad. I hope he doesn't get bored.


Final Locations with Anna[me]
[+] Went to reserve the lights we'd be using for thesis with Caloy. And finally saw the 'smallest' generator they could lend us. It wasn't small at all. At seeing this, my dad just let me use our generator. Thank goodness. That's a lot of money saved.

[-] Still don't have an editor and our graphic designer hasn't emailed me back so I'm getting a little scared. We might end up doing all that, which is fine by me, but I know someone else can do it better. I'm crossing my fingers.

[-] An actor almost backed out too due to conflict but it got resolved quickly. Thank goodness. I just really want to shoot already so I can finally do what I've been preparing for for so long.

[+] Changed locations again for our last/pivotal scene but I think we've finally found it. Hopefully Anna is able to get things straightened out with that. We've got four three days left and I'm just scared shitless.


[+] I finally went and paid for our location and I'm glad I got that over with because now it's official. We really can shoot there. That's one big problem out of the way.

[-] Unfortunately, our graphic designer was apparently too expensive and we coudn't afford him, so now I'm back to square 1. I wonder who can help us out? Cause my layout skills are only LJ related.


Lunch with MCO-ers[me]
[+] I had to get up at the crack of dawn so James and I could do our ocular of the locations and so James could figure out how to prettify the sets. I'm nervous and scared, but at the same time really grateful cause I see that so many people have come to help and I really appreciate it.

[+] It's also the first time I've ever really hung out with James for an extended period that wasn't class. It was fun to talk to him and I'm glad he's helping us out. Immensely talented guy and totally unassuming. Refreshing to just listen to him ramble about Hanoi and whatnot.

[-] Caught Watchmen with my brothers but because I was so tired (I didn't even realize I was), I couldn't get half the story cause my brain was so fried. It was so nice on the eyes, but my brain really refused to work no matter how much I told it to pay attention! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed what I did understand. Maybe I should read the graphic novel.

Friday // Happy Birthday jamypye

[+] Went to Dangwa to buy a bouquet for jamypye and tulips for our props. But the tulips were sooo expensive, I ended up with daisies, which are also so pretty! I am so going back to Dangwa to buy flowers!!!

[+] I met with Caloy and Sam for last minute preparations for Saturday and then headed to our location in Katipunan with James. Decorating is no joke and I still have to bring more stuff tomorrow to make it look like a lived in house.

[+] Missed mass today for the first time in weeks, but I think God will understand. And because it was Pamy's birthday, we ate at Cyma which serves Greek food. Very very yummy. I want to live in Greece.

Saturday & Sunday

Lunch with MCO-ers[Domino Cid]
[+] It's obviously too crazy to put into words the highs and lows that I went through on these two days but needless to say they were a major success.

[+] Lots of FAIL moments (forgetting the camera! wrong mini-DV tapes) and lots of WIN moments (getting a dolly, beautiful sets, amazing talent and crew! and the food! I'm still dreaming of our food!) but it just felt so fulfilling at the end of Day 2 when Anna and I were able to say, "That's a wrap!"

[+] One day when my brain is less fried, I shall talk about this in excruciating detail, no one will bother to read it. Because those were two of the best days of my life in a sense that this was our production and we could actually call it our own. lots of work up ahead, but I'm looking forward to it now.
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