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Skins 03x08: Effy

Oh My Effy.[Skins Nation]
I had downloaded Skins hours ago and was ready to watch it. But thanks to thesis shooting (which happens in T-Minus 5 hours), I have absolutely no time to watch it. I have read the spoilers and the recaps thanks to vuitton, castiels and genrocks, I pretty much am filled in on what happens without even having to watch. This makes me love my flist so much. I don't even have to watch shows, as I can live through their entries.

And so later, when I get home from day 1 of thesis shooting, I swear I'm going to watch Skins and fix my recap. I won't go to shooting on Sunday without having watched this. Even if it kills me.

Effy Is Too Hot for her Own Good
  • No really, I could go on and on about how gorgeous this girl is. Even when she's high or puking or staring into space, she just looks absolutely fabulous! It's illegal to be this hot when you're this young.

  • Though my feelings are mixed on this episode just because I felt like there was too much going on, and still the pretty-ness of Effy made things more worthwhile. I wasn't sure exactly if things were really happening at times (like Katie's whole tirade with Effy) but it made for a thought-provoking episode.

  • Will Effy ever be happy though? I don't know. I've got two episodes left to figure that out and then the long wait to next season so we'll see.

    Freddie and Effy Need to Lighten Up
  • I love these two together, but this is like an even more messed up Chuck/Blair just because their relationship is too toxic already. They're always so miserable. And Effy can't just say what she feels. Though I can't really blame her when Freddie's boning Katie.

  • And Katie! I'm not sure what to think of her. Sometimes I feel bad that Freddie's just using her but I really just feel sorry that she's really deluding herself into believing that she and Freddie can really have a future. Wake up, woman!

  • Freddie after sleeping with Effy though could have been a bit more sensitive. But hey, that's why he's not perfectly pretty after all. I feel terrible for Effy, though yes, hitting someone with a rock despite being high is a little nuts.

    I waited 8 episodes for this
    So I'm not going to complain. I wasn't expecting a full on porno, but it just felt so 'clean' compared to the shit I've seen on this show. I guess because they're the 'central' couple they couldn't make things too graphic? It had to look like it was actually ~love~

    Nevertheless, the mythical sex scene from Effy and Freddie is over. Shippers can rest easy. Something tells me they won't be so happily ever after in the finale -- just cause Skins is like that.

    These Kids Need to be Happy for a Second
  • Cook and the gateau win this episode for me. Cookie does need some love and he's trying to show some love. Thus the gateau and the gatecrashing the party. I feel bad for him, really. I'll show Cookie some love.

  • Panda needs to man up and own up to what she's done to Thomas. I feel terrible for Thomas just because he really loved Panda though not always shown in the series. Though I do love Panda/Cook, I don't know how that's going to work out when Cook so obviously pines for Effy.

  • Meanwhile JJ looks adorable with them lezzies. I swear Naomi and Emily and JJ in one tent?! That's an Unseen Skins that I want to see!!! JJ yelling at Cook though broke my heart. I hope Cook doesn't feel so alone now.

    I meant happy minus drugs?
    And because it's not a Skins episode unless everyone gets high, here is the gang tripping on shrooms. I sort of agreed with Katie in worrying that they were poisonous, but that's the beauty of Skins, all drugs are safe and no one dies.

    Until next week later, Skins. I can't believe I have to wait another year for just 10 more episodes of this.
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