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Who's Watching the Watchmen?[All Movie Photos]
I'm not a big graphic novels girl, though I'd love to claim to be, so I wasn't so familiar with the Watchmen series. But then I'd heard A TON of buzz about this movie as it was being made and when it was having trouble being screened, that I couldn't help but get curious about it.

It doesn't hurt that it also has Matthew Goode in it, because I'm pretty much there as long as this actor is in something. And though I'm not little miss superhero movie, I do enjoy my share so I was looking forward to a break from thesis work.

And a break is really what it gave because it's so un-teen-angst or fluffy as anything I've been focusing on these past few days. It's definitely not your usual superhero movie, this one actually requires thinking skills.

Do I sense a sequel in the future? Who knows, but I'll probably be there to watch it too. Because this is one of those movies you just have to watch in the big screen.

They watch over us...but who watches them?Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter said:
Snyder and writers David Hayter and Alex Tse never find a reason for those unfamiliar with the graphic novel to care about any of this nonsense. And it is nonsense.
Maybe it was because my brain wasn't really functioning properly, but I had to pay really close attention to the film to truly understand what was going on, which isn't a bad thing cause it's got me hooked. But sometimes, I just want to watch something and understand it right away. Maybe I should read the graphic novel.

Joe Neumaier of the New York Daily News said:
The most pleasant surprise in the movie adaptation of "Watchmen" is the pop-art fusion set off by placing superheroes in a "real" world. The film's biggest challenge – and accomplishment – was making that plausible.
I love how they did incorporate them into the real world and how the 80s somehow don't really look too much like the 80s, except for Patrick Wilson's hair perhaps?! But it was a really nice touch how 'grounded in reality' the heroes were despite being fantastical.

William Arnold of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer said:
The casting clicks; the visuals have leaped right out of Dave Gibbons' original panels; the action is brutal, stylish and well-staged, and -- with most of the major characters, themes and symbolism are retained in an abbreviated form -- the 2 1/2-hour film makes an enjoyably esoteric Cliff's Notes version of the book.
The casting really worked for me and though I'll talk about that a little more later, the over-all visual feel was amazing. Obviously Zack Snyder isn't new to this look but it just doesn't get old for me. More than anything, I couldn't keep my eyes away from the screen.

We're society's only protection.Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • Malin Ackerman: Who knew this girl was THIS HOT?! I mean I've seen her in 27 Dresses as the evil-ish sister, but never this smoking! I swear I was in between my brothers and I was the one more reactive to her when she'd come onscreen. Woman should always wear skintight, stretch clothing. She's born to wear these.

  • Matthew Goode Great: God I love Ozymandias. I don't know why but I got a really gay vibe from him. Maybe more metro? But really, getting inspiration from Alexander the Great and all out flamboyant was so fun to see on Matthew Goode. I need to break out my Chasing Liberty DVD though. So cute.

  • Patrick Wilson: I've only seen this guy in dramas and stuff so seeing him as the quasi-dorky when in real life, but kick ass superhero Nite Owl II was really cool. And the way he looked at Silk Spectre II. So much love! I will never hear the song Hallelujah the same way again though.

  • Billy Crudup: My goodness what a waste! Not because he was bad. In fact he was sooo good, I wish he weren't Dr. Manhattan so we get to see more of his pretty face. His flashbacks were my favorites just because it was the cute Billy Crudup I know and not some blue glowy guy. I won't complain though -- cause pretty is what he does best.

  • Jackie Earle Haley: Rorschach scared the crap out of me at first but he totally grew on me! I love his scenes in prison just because he was so bad ass and ready to take ANYONE down. I'd love to have him as my bodyguard. I would feel very safe.

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan: DAMN MAN IS FINE!!! Who knew Denny Duquet could look this ruggedly handsome and kick some ass!!! I love his flashbacks with Silk Spectre the First. I wish they used him even more, cause that cigar and the asshole character really go together.

  • The starting credits: Really really cool to watch and it really established so much in a short amount of time. Considering I hadn't read the graphic novels at all, it was a great way to give the cluless audience (me) a background on what the hell was going on.

    And though visual style and presentation totally make up for my slowness in picking up the story, I don't know if I could watch this over and over again. It's pretty long, and I was really exhausted, so maybe that's not a very good combination. And yet, I was pretty entertained. My brothers? Well obviously they loved it.

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