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hodgepodge of things (I finally used that word)

PAASCU finally came to the school. Now we can breathe. Honestly, the tension was so high when you climbed the stairs -- they were hanging out in the Little Theater, complete with a waiter and runners to satisfy their whims -- because we had to be silent because our noise might disturb them. In fact, a pin drop could probably send them into a psychotic rampage! They might not acredit us.

Like I really care. I like my school, that's for sure, but sometimes, they can be a little too pretentious. We do know how to behave. We don't need to be scared or threatened. We just need to be told. It was like walking through a minefield. One little mistake and you're out -- or expulsed, as I am now teased for.

Today wasn't so bad. I might be watching Imelda later. Apparently, it's a pretty good film. The thing is The OC is on too. This might not seem like a vital decision for a lot of people, but I guess I'm really weird. There a decisions that have to be made.

I'm just so glad there are no classes tomorrow. That way, I finally have time to make that crazy ADMU essay. I've been putting it off for forever and now I really have to do it. I have the time and I have no more excuses. Besides, the deadline is drawing really near too. Just a week away and I'll be over and done with the UPCAT. I have to do good.

And still, despite all the stupidity that's been happening to me recently, I have to say that I'm still quite happy. Just the thought of last weekend makes me want to smile. Really shallow, I tell myself sometimes. But I think I need some shallowness now and then. Life is too short to dwell on the sad, negative stuff. I want to be happy and now I think I'm starting to be.

Thank you for making me smile.
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