Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

The New Moon is Rising

And the cast is finally in Canada. A lucky girl met Rob and Taylor on the night of her birthday! What a gift! Then there's the Rob on the streets. He's just you know, walking around. And then today I saw pictures of Kristen, Taylor and Nikki walking around Canada. Why don't I live in Canada again? I know this is just the start, but I'm really really excited already. Taylor learning to ride a dirt bike? Fabulous. It's starting!!! [Just Jared]

I just have to say how cute Kristen looks walking next to Taylor. Her gloves are real kick ass too. I also love her first jacket. And the way Taylor looks like a pimp with his two ladies hanging onto him? Priceless. I'm so excited for this, I can barely contain myself.

And so the Kristen/Nikki love affair is back on complete with holding hands and holding the cigarette for her friend as they walk the streets of Canada. That's friendship, y'all.

ETA: More of Kristen, Taylor and Nikki walking around (this time with more obvious cigarettes). I'm really digging Kristen's look here. Her coat and that shirt is hilarious. So very her.

Taylor, Kristen and Nikki in CanadaPhoto courtesy of Celebrity-Gossip

Tags: candids, kristen stewart, new moon
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