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The Start of Thesis Craziness -- 10 Down/42 To Go!Photos taken by me
This week was so slow and yet so fast the same time. At the start of the week, I found out that we had very few days to complete our thesis and I was wishing time would just slow down. But then when I started doing work for thesis, things were falling into place (*crosses fingers*) and I wish time would move faster so we can just get it over with.

Now, I'm down to 47 Days to graduation and 11 days till the submission of thesis. To say that I'm terrified would be an understatement. Because for once in my life, I have no pattern to follow. I don't know if what I'm doing for thesis is correct and I'm just hoping things go smoothly. Still, there are just some things that make me so thankful. Thanks so much mellowdee


[+] Went to Ateneo to scout for actors for our thesis and it was fun to see all these people who were interested (and others who weren't). I'm really hoping we find people who want to be part of this and are available. I'm also crossing my fingers that we meet the deadline. Thanks to i_make_stuff_up for helping me out so much!

[+] Watched Undertow (I admit firstly for Kristen who had a really bit role) but ended up enjoying Jamie Bell's rugged-ness. I swear this boy is really growing on me. It was such a sad tale, so I'm glad it finished happy.


[+] For my last day of Spanish we get our grades and I'm so happy I didn't absent myself in this class because it totally brought my grade up to my happy level! I'm going to miss Raisa and Portia (my only two classmates). Spanish was fun

[-] What's NOT fun is finding out that our thesis is due on the 20th. Seriously. I seriously went into panic mode and just went around doing so many things at once. I called talents, scouted for locations, fixed the scripts, made the shot list, arranged for the web site, and all before going to mass. I think I'll be going to mass every day now, just to pray for divine intervention.

[+] I felt so much better after speaking to Anna (my oh so calm all the time thesis partner) and Ana (my idol). The An/nas really know how to keep me sane. Which I will need, cause I tend to get worried and panicky quickly. Breathe.


I ♥ Alcs[me]
[+] Met with our cinematographer (Caloy) and lighting director (eeliphant) today and things became even more concrete. I'm going to take this a day at a time, but hopefully we get a lot of things done before the week is over. I need for things to be alright before this week is over. Please God?

[+] Hung out with Ana for a bit after. I love talking to this girl so much. I wish she were BC or I was Film. I need to see more of this girl. I miss doing Nizzle n Pizzle with her, but alas our schedules no longer match. We promised to hang out this summer. We better.


[+] Great things! We've finalized our cast and we've settled roles! I'm so happy. I didn't think I would see the day when the cast was complete. Also, we got allowed to shoot in the village park. Just one more location!

[+] Spent the whole day tweaking the script and scheduling the scenes for shooting. Celtx is bringing out the best in my anal self. I'm so arranging everything to the tiniest detail. I hope it works out.

[+] Our parish priest (aka THE priest) officially knows me by name. This is what happens when you ask permission to shoot in the church. He called me by name and asked me how thesis was doing. I could barely muster an answer.


Friday with Iza & Ralph[me]
[+] I don't know how I managed to literally roll out of bed, put 20 pesos in my pocket, grabbed my cell phone and went to school to pick up our corrected script. Say goodbye to caring about how I look. The best part, when I got the paper it said: Ok, you can start shooting.

[+] Met with 4 out of 5 of our actors for thesis and loved each and everyone of them! The fact that they're interested in helping us makes me love them automatically, but then they were so enthusiastic about it, I couldn't help but get really touched.

[-] A few speed bumps though: like the 'almost backing out' of one talent -- whew! fixed! And Caloy's uncooperative academic life. I can't take him away from his studies though, so we'll have to compromise. Doesn't matter, we still have the superb Sam!


[+] Got the BEST.SURPRISE.EVER. My brother Pio goes to my room and says, you have mail from Melody from Vegas. And I'm like WAFAZ?!?! Miss mellowdee!!!! And it's the sweetest thing ever ever ever. She basically gave me a 6-in-1 letter each of the letters I should only when I'm in need of a certain something. There's one for when I need to have a laugh, when I need uplifting from a crummy day, when I need some cuteness, when I need to feel like a princess and when all else fails to brighten my day! Words are not enough to say how surprised I was to receive these. So I promise that each time I open one, I shall share with everyone what it is that made my day better. Thanks a gazillion melody. You literally made me cry (in a good way)


Halo-Halo with Paola[me]
[+] Don't know how I managed to drag myself out of bed again, but I did and I brought Pietro to his music exam! Then I got the best news. We got our primary location for thesis for a discounted price!!!! Happy happy joy joy.

[+] Then last night (or this morning) after finishing my Twilight d/l, I saw the COMMENTARY download and I synched the two together and I was able to see the Twilight commentary!!!! So funny. Rob laughs like a girl!

[+] I spent the afternoon with my grand-aunt (who happens to be a nun) as we walked around Galleria. I haven't been to that mall for quite some time and walking with her means walking slow, but it was fun to just spend time away from the thesis.


We're going to watch the Finale! Right?[me]
[+] For the first time in my entire life, I was really early to mass. I think it's the nun's effect on all of us. My entire family was there before it started (this is a miracle considering we live right next to the church)

[+] Had lunch in Shangri-La with my siblings and went around. I resisted temptation to buy two dresses. But I'll probably go back for them after thesis. I can't be spending right now not when I should be working. I tried on some clothes but ended up buying nothing. We did join the American Idol contest though and I'm The-Secreting our win! See you in LA (*crosses fingers*)

[+] We then went to my aunt's new house and though we don't really hang there it was nice to see them. Her daughters (our 2nd cousins) are both pregnant and it was so weird seeing them already in that phase of their lives. I don't think I'll ever really get there, but someone I'm closer to will eventually one day and I don't know how I'll handle that.

Exhausted doesn't quite cut it. I'm going to need all the prayers I can get to get over the next week. It's funny cause the next week-ender recap I make, I would have been done with thesis shooting. Whoa. Yes, I can.
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