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Rambling About the Twilight DVD Commentary

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“So despite being in the middle of thesis work, I get the best news non-thesis related concerning Twilight. Well not really news...

Anyway, last night I finally finished my download of the DVD-rip of Twilight. Don't worry folks, I already ordered my copy from Target and I'm just going to wait for it to arrive in my doorstep, but from now until that day, I have to tide myself over with a little bit of clear copy, DVD-worthy Twilight.

And the best part was this morning, I saw a rip of the commentary. And so what I did was I synced the commentary to the DVD-rip and I was able to watch the DVD commentary!

And this is basically why I'm voice posting because I so had this goofy smile on my face the entire time I was watching it. Catherine Hardwick, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson were doing the commentary and it was so hilarious.

Things I noticed: Rob laughs like a girl. Although he didn't talk much. I mean he did talk quite a bit but not as much as Kristen or Catherine who talked a lot obviously. But when Rob talked or laugh, he had this really strange laugh that would make you laugh even if it wasn't really funny.

And then there was this part where Edward removes his shirt to his shimmery, shiny body, he starts singing this song which I totally hate. It was this dingy, dirty song that I don't even know the name off. "I don't see nothing wrong" And it was so good to hear Rob singing, it was hilarious.

And then Rob does this impersonation of Charlie, and of like I don't know. It was hilarious. It was so funny cause they had such a hard time watching themselves. And I can imagine, I know I'm not an actor or anything but seeing myself on camera sort of makes me queasy already so I can imagine how it was for them. It was really just so fun to watch them.

And then I get the news that Dakota Fanning is going to be Jane. Although I'm not a Jane fan, so I don't know how it became a fan-favorite, I'm not fond of the camera. But I really think Dakota is so good. I saw her in Push and although some commenters were saying that Dakota will age and she still has to do two more movies and Jane doesn't age, so it's going to be a hard thing to deal with.

But anyway, it's been a great Twilight weekend, even if I wasn't expecting it at all. [And then I get cut and I was supposed to say that tomorrow I wake up back to thesis but at least I had these Twilight moments for the weekend.]”

Transcribed by: woodycakes
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