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Skins 03x07: JJ

Pop Pills with JJ[Skins Nation]
I don't know how these Brits do it, but Skins just keeps freaking getting better. This is the most mindblowing episode thus far and I'm so not complaining. It was crazy how they just wouldn't stop hitting you with new stuff to process before you even wrapped your head around what just happened before.

And how perfect that they give this episode to JJ -- the sweetest, most adorable boy ever. This boy's got the most heart in this generation and what's best is he isn't afraid to show that he does have a soul. JJ wished for a lot of things in this episode -- and he made them happen. I hope things look up for this kid.

JJ ♥ Emily
  • I feel terrible for JJ being given so many pills to make him 'feel better.' Somehow I feel like Cassie got better medical attention and yet she wasn't any better. So maybe I should feel better cause JJ seems more balanced than Cassie (or maybe he's just better at hiding things beneath the surface).

  • Thus my joy when Emily and JJ become friends! I never thought of shipping this and now I totally see it. Emily and JJ get along really well even if he gropes her accidentally and catches Freddie in bed with Katie (SO WEIRD). She's really supportive of JJ and that's what he needs. My heart is melting for them.

  • And for some reason, JJ sleeping with Emily didn't bother me too much. It wasn't like JJ was really obsessing over getting de-virginized but Emily just decides to give it to him as a friend. A bit weird for others, I know, and though I don't think I'd ever follow suit, for them it sort of works. The look on his mom's face the morning after makes me tear up. I feel the same way, dear.

    JJ ♥ The Three Musketeers
  • JJ obviously cares about his friends and it's caused him so much pain to be in between this choosing sides thing -- which I totally get. I wouldn't want to choose either. And I'm still not over Freddie/Katie (I know Freddie's pining for Effy and settling with Katie) but come on!!!

  • Well I guess JJ's settling with Panda too. Which makes me sad, cause I like Panda/Cookie -- if only it were more real. When JJ lashed out on Cookie here, I really got all choked up. Then Cookie gives JJ a hug and I feel like crying too!!!

    JJ: "Just care." Cook: "About what?" JJ: "About me! About me you twat! About me, you old fucking twat!"

  • And more hugs all around. This time courtesy of Freddie. Of course JJ can still come to the shed. Thank goodness Freddie gave in in a way. They had to meet in the middle somehow. I don't know how things will be with the three of them after this, but thanks to the Veritaserum STUN, Cook's been giving this truth outburts and though Thomas had to hear it, at least Freddie knows that Cook knows that Effy's in love with HIM.

    JJ ♥ Effy but Effy ♥ Freddie
    Effy: "Thanks for loving me." JJ: "No problem." Effy: "I'd like to be your friend."

  • Oh Effy. If it were only that simple. Three guys all pining for Effy in their own way. Now this is a magnet. I find that all the boys express their devotion to her in their own way and if JJ's way means staying out of the way so Freddie can take the girl, then he probably will. It pained me to see him walk away from Effy like that, but that's love, y'all. Pain is love.

  • Freddie and Effy in the bar and the look on Effy's face when she couldn't lie to Naomi about loving Freddie. Wow. So it's love?! All I can say is, stop suffering in silence and just jump the boy. He's giving you the look, you're giving him the look. Let's get the look of love over with! I need action between you too.

  • And really, Naomi rolling her eyes pretty much sums up how I feel about Freddie/Effy right now. I love how my favorite girl is the one to so aptly put out there just how frustrated I am with these two. But hey, three more episodes, let's see how this shit pans out. Everyone, all together now. *GIANT EYE ROLL*

    And the use of Claire De Lune made me more excited about Twilight!!! I know, how did that get here? But I just couldn't help but keep smiling to myself thinking about it. And like I said, we're down to three episodes. I don't know how they're going to top this one, but I'm crossing my fingers that they do.
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