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Power Hug![Star Cinema]
When I first heard that A Very Special Love was going to have a follow up movie, I thought to myself, this can't be good. I wouldn't mind having another movie with a whole different plot as long as it starred John Lloyd Cruz and Sarah Geronimo still. Sequels just don't do as well.

The talk was that the sequel was going to come out in February as a Valentines movie, but then when the only movie that came out around that time was the other follow up of sorts (same pair, different producer) movie, I was losing hope. I didn't hear any publicity about it but there was talk that it would happen.

Finally about two weeks before I caught the movie, I finally heard SOMETHING about the movie. It was a sequel and because the trailers didn't give away anything, I didn't know what the hell to expect. Especially when I found out that the production wasn't really given a lot of time, I got really worried.

So when I finally watched it (alone at that) in Rockwell last Sunday, I wasn't expecting to be blown away. And well, that's a good thing, because I was pleasantly surprised at how the movie did a pretty good follow up considering the many different things going against it (not as rabid publicity, the fact that it's a sequel, the limited production time).

I Still Loved the Second Time Around

Not as many Money Shots aka John Lloyd's mugPhoto courtesy of Star Cinema
  • John Lloyd. Obviously this guy was a main attraction for me. And this time around, his portrayal of Miggy Montenegro was just as real. You could really feel the pressure on him to succeed and to make his relationship with Laida work. Though I wish he had more close up shots like the first one, I'll have to satisfy myself with his non-suited appearances, his attempts at dancing at the children's party, his robot reaction to the power hug and his just plain devotion to Laida.

  • Sarah Geronimo. She was great. Except a bit too shrill at times. I guess this is how a girl who's got her first boyfriend is supposed to be anyways -- a little obsessed and overeager perhaps? If she lessened the Hello bebe ko's to about once every 30 minutes I would have liked her more.

  • Rayver Cruz. I went into this movie with a pre-conceived HATE for the man who was rumored to play Edward Cullen in that lame-ass rumor (thank god) of the Twilight remake. Thus I was just raring to tear him apart. Yet when he started doing his 'blast from the past' friend Macoy, I actually sat up and listened. He was genuine and real about his attachment to Laida without being pathetically annoying. And it felt real.

  • Mikee Cojuangco-Jaworski. Hello comeback kid! I remember watching her in her weekly anthology of sorts on GMA 7, aptly called Mikee. I miss this girl! And I thought it was cute that she played Miggy's kuya's ex-girlfriend/potential client. Did the shipper in me wish she'd have a happy ending with kuya? Of course, but then it wouldn't be real.

  • The throwbacks/homages to A Very Special Love. The scene where Laida stares out her window to a new billboard of her now boyfriend and his brother on the cover of Metro Society was really cute for me. Did I think the montage of the scenes of the first movie was necessary? No, not really. But okay I forgive you.

  • The non-kiss. WHAT THE HELL SARAH!!! I know you feel the need to protect your virtue, but it's John Lloyd! If I looked a lot like you, I would have applied to be your double just so I could have the kissing scenes instead. I guess you really can't have it all. Still, they did a pretty good cover for the 'kiss.'

    Verdict: Though it wasn't as great as the first, it was a pretty good follow up. The shots weren't as beautiful or breathtaking. I wasn't in awe at the camera work anymore, but it's all good. This is the story of what happens after 'happily ever after' and I thought they did a good portrayal of it. Sure, it had it's annoying moments (namely: Sarah's excessive Hello Bebe Ko shrieks) but the rest of it was pretty fab. Sarah and John Lloyd's chemistry is undeniable and I would pay to see them together again, hopefully though with a different plot already.

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