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American Idol 8: Top 36 (Round 3) Results

I guess I can't say I'm shocked with the results, just because after last night, I could literally care less who was let through to the next round. I mean of course I care a bit, but not enough to even wake up early to see the spoilers over at Ricky. When I did wake up though and saw them, I wasn't very surprised. I was more interested in Wilde Card Picks. Now I cannot wait to see them perform.

So this week, I got 2/3 correct for the Top 12. And though I knew that Scott would make it, I just couldn't bring myself to predict him because I just didn't like his performance at all. I feel bad for Von cause I thought he did better. Even Ju'Not did better.

But that's how the voting goes. And since Lil Rounds was the other deserving one, I'm really really glad that Jorge made it. That guy deserved it and though DialIdol was unsure, the producers gave him the final kick in, or so I feel.

As for the Wild Card bets? Well I'm glad that Anoop, Matt G and Von are in it. They're probably my top three choices. Anoop, being the one I have to get in. Matt G would make me happy if he made it and Von would be the cherry on top.

But let's see. I feel like they'll let Tatiana in cause we need some form of entertainment and she can sing too. But it's going to be difficult to get a spot, now that I see the list, cause Ricky is really good too and really deserves it. I'm really confused now. All I can think of is Anoop better make it or Pamy's going to be crying buckets here and I don't want that.

Poll #1359825 Top 36 (Round 3) Results

Do you agree with the third three finalists of the Top 12?


Which three Wild Card picks do you want in the Top 12?

Anoop Desai
Jasmine Murray
Jesse Langseth
Matt Giraud
Megan Corkrey
Ricky Braddy
Tatiana Del Torro
Von Smith
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