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Chuck 02x15: Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Be the Buy More Babe[Chuck TV]
It's funny how today (3/3/09) happens to be Square Root Day (which only happens like 9 times a century) and so coincidental that it falls on the same day that Chuck comes out for me. It's total nerd-hood everywhere!!!

But going back to the show, Chuck taught me that Everybody talks. From Lester and Jeff holding covert try-outs for the Buy More babe to Chuck's somewhat nemesis, the suave and sexy MI-6 agent Cole Barker, who's somehow managed to pull Sarah under his spell. Oh Chuck, don't worry, he's a guest star.

The Buy More Boys
  • Morgan moving into Chuck's house was pretty much hilarious. I thought it would be a good thing with him serving Awesome and Ellie dinner and drinks. But then he had to handle the fruits naked in the middle of the night and well, that didn't turn out well. Who knew Morgan had abs though!?

  • The Search for the Buy More Babe was just freaking crazy. Leave it to Jeffster to totally make things worse for Chuck and yet enjoy the process. Jeff in the robe uncrossing his legs made me puke a little in my mouth but hey, isn't that what Jeffster is for anyways?!

  • Flashback to season 1!!! I love how Morgan jumped on Chuck again! And I wish that Morgan and Chuck WOULD move in together. That would be such a different dynamic! Plus a new set! I don't have to see the naked everyday videogame playing, but just how unkempt that house would be.

    The Jealous Pseudo Boyfriend
  • Chuck avoiding Sarah and then being afraid as she oh so symbolically chopped off his banana in front of him was fab. Only Sarah could totally emasculate Chuck without saying a word. These two need to straighten their shit together, cause I really want to see some action!!! Enough breaking up and getting back together. Just stay together.

  • Unfortunately, that isn't the case. And I find it endearing that Casey's sort of a shipper, even if he denies it. Otherwise, why would he keep bringing it up to Chuck? Sure, the guy wants to tease Chuck, but I really believe deep inside, he's supporting this couple too!

  • And they get back together again. I swear these two can't stay apart for long, so they might as well just get to it. It hurt when Chuck kept asking Sarah if they could ever be together and Sarah was just like NO. Ouchies. Oh Chuck, you know she wants you.

    The Beefcake
  • For some reason, Cole Barker is really having an effect on me. Don't get me wrong. I love Chuck. I love Chuck/Sarah. But this somehow really worked for me. The bad boy at the bar thing with Sarah was so hot. It's just so refreshing to see someone so sure of themselves. Take notes, Chuck! Something tells me Charles Carmichael is going to try and pull off an accent.

  • Chuck barging in the room to save her only to see them on the floor was priceless. He knocked down a door for you, Sarah! Take notice! But Cole calling Sarah darling and just being so flirtatious with her is obviously having an effect on the woman. And I can't blame her! Plus isn't the CIA the ultimate stalker?! Imagine the kind of 'cyberstalking' Agent Walker could do.

  • You know what? Sarah's turned down so many trips for Chuck: the one with Bryce before and now Fiji with Cole. I know it's her job, but she could always break the rules for a bit, right? Not unless she wants to stay! And I really feel she does. She should just let Chuck know it too. Cause that kiss in the end that Chuck saw? That's going to be etched in his brain for quite some time.

    Ellie shows Awesome who wears the pants
    Capatin Awesome: Cold and detached is a very powerful aphrodisiac.
    Ellie: So is abstinence. Want to try that?

    Can you believe this show HAS NOT yet been picked up for season 3? NBC! Don't be stupid like ABC. Do it! Renew them now! Or I swear, I don't know what kind of picketing I'll have to do. I need more Chuck/Sarah and definitely more Casey.
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