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Confessions of a Shopaholic

Not a Shopaholic[All Movie Photos]
I'd love to say that I love to shop, but I can't. I love clothes and all that, but more often than not, I get guilty spending money -- especially my parent's money that I end up not really ever going on 'shopping sprees' even when I see clothes that I really like.

And really, I don't feel very deprived, cause despite the want to look good, it's not very high on the list of priorities. This is why when I first read the books by Sophie Kinsella, Confessions of a Shopaholic, I didn't think I'd be able to relate at all.

Still, surprisingly, I did. And book after book, I'd read the crazy misadventures of Becky Bloomwood who just couldn't help herself at the counter. The books, though formulaic always have a new spin on it and I was hoping that the movie adaptation could easily translate what I so loved about the books -- Becky. Then I saw Isla Fisher onscreen last week and it definitely works.

Not really loving the confessional

A new job? Hopefully. A new man? Possibly. A new handbag? Absolutely!Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • James Berardinelli of ReelReviews said:
    Not only did I find this production to be irritating, unfunny, and lacking in entertainment value, but I found its underlying slavishness to a culture of consumption to be morally repugnant.
    I'm not sure if the title is Confessions of Shopaholic but I think that pretty much sets the tone for this movie. And since we all knew it was a rom-com going in, we're obviously not expecting some moralistic talking down on the act of shopping. So really, why complain about this?!

  • John Anderson of the Washington Post said:
    Rebecca may owe everybody for everything, but Fisher definitely owns the movie. She is the only one outside of Ritter who gives a bona fide performance.
    True. Isla was really the star of this show and she can really carry an entire film on her own. She was so endearingly cute as Becky -- who though wasn't British like in the book, she totally brought her to life! Now whenever I read the books, I'm so going to picture Isla (except maybe with an accent).

  • Krista Soriano of Premiere said:
    As unrealistic as the talking mannequins, but we’re pleasantly surprised by how good this movie makes us feel.
    I LOVED THE TALKING MANNEQUINS. I have to admit they were scary at first, but I totally loved how they put these in the movie, cause I sure as hell don't remember anything like that in the book. A great visual addition to the film.

    Totally absolved of her sins

    All she ever wanted was a little credit...Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • But really, how can I NOT love this movie?! I found myself totally adoring it, even going as far as the best film I've seen this year (in the cinemas that is). I really really loved it! Sure, I wanted to hit Becky in the head so she would stop spending, but she wouldn't and it somehow worked for her.

  • Other than Isla, Hugh Dancy definitely worked his charm on me. The last time I was swooning over this guy was in Ella Enchanted and as the supposedly smooth and suave Luke Brandon, it totally works. SO they reworked Luke's character a bit (offering some back story) as to how he became the successful Luke Brandon of Brandon Communications, and I appreciate that. Though some of his lines were extra cheesy, I couldn't help but melt. This guy's accent and the curls and the accent just make me want to shop for him in Prada too!!!

  • Playing Suze was Krysten Ritter whom I never really paid any attention to before but totally loved in this movie (doesn't hurt that she's in the GG spin-off either). She was a great conscience to Becky, though she did contribute to the bailing Becky out most of the time bit. And wow, I didn't think Tarkie was THIS handsome. I thought he was balding and portly and totally not for Suze. I'm not complaining though.

  • I don't know if they're ever going to make a sequel, cause they did borrow elements from the first three books, I think. Still, it would be so fun to see more of Becky and the gang because there were so many funny characters that they still have yet to exploit. I loved Derek Smeath though. Guy is hilarious. Her ringtone whenever he'd call was hilarious.

  • Then there was Alicia (played by Brooke from Popular! I miss you!) and Alette was crazy with her faux accent. Then there were Becky's parents who I thought were a tad too young to be playing Isla's parents. Joan Cusack isn't THAT old, folks!

  • I also loved the soundtrack! I'm definitely going to have some new things to keep on repeat. And though they didn't utilize New York to it's full potential, I guess considering Becky doesn't even go to New York till the second book, they were trying to keep some things straight. Still, I totally forgive them for this.

    Predictable? Of course! But isn't that the beauty of rom-coms, you can go in knowing you won't be disappointed in the end. It was surely an unpredictable journey though getting to the ending complete with Finnish jokes and lots of cutesy moments between Becky and Luke -- and really,t that's what I paid to see anyway.

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