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Slow Photo Week -- 9 Down/43 To Go![me]
This week was a terribly slow photo opportunity week. Also, the fact that the old Ixus really doesn't want to work anymore and I'm still not feeling the new Pentax camera only adds or rather minuses from the camera-happy days. But before anything else, I just want to greet...

happy 21st 4.25th birthday_lexizzle

Wishing you all the bestest best in life and love ♥ I really do hope you have a fantabulous non-birthday this year. Wish I could spend it there with you! We all miss you very very much!

And so, February drew to a close this week and that means just 30 days 'till our self-proclaimed thesis deadline (we have no idea when it's actually due). Not a good thing really.

We're down to 54 days till graduation. Wow, the real world really does beckon. I'm covering my ears and huddling in the corner. I can't deal with that just yet.


[-] Woke up early enough to catch the Oscars and I actually really enjoyed it. However, it was super duper long. I don't know how Pio and I sat through its entirety because that was like 1/6th of the day.

[+] Now I know. Instead of working, I fell asleep at 2pm and woke up at 9am. Way to screw with the body clock. This meant that I would do no work as I was updating until the wee hours of the morning. Great start to my week.


[-] Have no idea how I managed to get to class on time today considering I slept at 3:30. My 7am class is on its last week and I'm really going to miss Spanish. I think I want to enroll in higher Spanish class even after I graduate.

[+] Surprisingly, I finished writing my half of the script for our thesis in not such a long time. I guess this is the 'fun' part of the thesis so the words just kept flowing and I could see how I wanted it to be in my head. I hope we can produce this as we see it in our imaginations.

[+] I decided that I would watch Push today because I feel like it'll be gone tomorrow when they change movies. After finishing my work, I headed to Trinoma (alone) and was surprised the theater was pretty filled up. Definitely worth the effort of going to the mall. I really liked it.


[+] Amazingly, we didn't have Spanish today. I love my prof for this. So I wake up late (9am -- which is still pretty early for me) and compile our thesis script, so we can finally submit it to our adviser. I love free days.

[+] I actually got out of the house to vote for the student council elections. It's very hard for me to leave the house when there's no class, so this was a pretty big deal. It was great to see my friends too! I haven't seen them in forever!!!
I miss my girls![me]

[+] Finally finished Abandon though it took me forever. No offense to Katie Holmes, but wow it took a lot for me to stay glued to the movie. Thank goodnes for Zooey because she was the reason I watched it and she was the only thing keeping me from not watching it. Great twist though.

[+] Went to mass for Ash Wednesday and I don't think I've seen that many people at mass all at once. Then again, I don't go the weekly SUnday evening mass which is crazy. I prefer smaller crowds. I get waaaay too distracted.


[-] Found out that our finals for Spanish was Friday instead of Tuesday. And still, we have to go to school on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not fun. I thought I'd be done with Spanish by this week. Boo changes.

[+] Resolved not to get married to a drama king. I need to be the drama queen in the marriage. Also, watched Panic Room and wow, that was good. I can't get over the fact that that's Little Kristen. Really cool though.

[-] Somehow got a bit of my dad's cold so it was so difficult trying to study for my Spanish finals when all I wanted to do was blow my nose and go to sleep. Se puede dormir? Si. Se debe tomar aspirina? Posible. Se puede contestar las preguntas en el examen? I hope so.


[-] Finally had my Spanish finals and I'm not as confident about it as my previous tests. Maybe cause it was all pretty much an essay and I'm terrible at vocabulary, so my words were so limited. Ack. Plus, I left my book under my chair and none of my classmates got my message on time. Boo.

[+] Caught 21 Grams and that is one piece of work. Great movie, for sure, just not something I'd watch over and over again. I do want to watch Alejandro González Iñárritu, other stuff now though (Babel and Amores Perros, I think)


[-] Feels both good and bad to only have thesis to think about. Good cause I know I can concentrate on giving all my effort to it. Bad, cause I'm still clueless as to where to start. I'm going to make a list and go from that. At least that's starting something.

[+] Watched Cold Creek Manor and All The Real Girls today I know, movie spree. I just thought I might as well do something other than reading stuff online. And there's a whole bunch of movies I want to watch anyway.

[+] I also finally finished my fourth book (2 days late) A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil. It was my first foray into non-chick-lit, as it's a murder mystery, which was an interesting read, but I think I'll stick with fluff! I like to read romance. I'm such a dweeb.


[-] I don't know how I managed to make it through When A Stranger Calls, but Paola loves suspense/horror types and I don't. But since Camilla was in it, I guess I was able to get through with her really pretty face. She's still pretty when scared! Amazing! I also couldn't fall asleep afterward.

[+] Anna messaged me with some great news thesis-wise, and so I decided to get really get on with the checklist of things to do. I will rock this thesis if it's the last thing I do (hopefully NOT the last thing though).
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