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computer class means update

I just realized that I didn't really study much for my phsyics test later. The thing is, I won't have enough time to study during lunch because we have to practice for the sabayang pagbigkas later on.

Now, we're separating letters so that we can make them "march" across the stage. Yippee! Notice the sarcasm in my voice. Flash really rocks! I guess it's pretty practical. I'm learning, so that must be a good thing.

Although no matter how dull this day cen be, nothing will ever rain on my happy sunshine smile. I'm so happy! I'm ecstatic. In fact, all my friends are asking my why I'm always smiling. Honestly, I like the feeling of being happy. It's infectious. People around you get all giddy too. Except for Hani of course. She's tired beside me.

Things can only get better. It's funny how I'm suddenly so positive and cheery. People are starting to wonder. Not to worry though, I'll be back to my sullen ways tomorrow. No more smiling, just pessimism.

Not if something happens. Something so great that I won't need to get down from this natural high I'm in. Heck, it doesn't matter that I'm not ready for physics. I'm really really really happy.
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