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February: Lovers in Japan (Coldplay)

[Twilight Singapore]
I just want to say that I'm not crazy and did not find this crazy connection, but somehow, most things return to my love for Rob/Kristen without me even knowing it. And this month's song Lovers in Japan is no exception. It was crazy how this was the song playing when Rob was at the Oscars introducing that clip and then suddenly Rob and Kristen (the 'lovers') are in Japan promoting Twilight. Get it, Lovers in Japan?

But more than just this crazy Twilight connection, I really love this song to bits. And though no one can do Coldplay but Coldplay (I'm looking at you, Matt Giraud), I have to say that Coldplay does Coldplay really well. And Viva La Vida has completely grown on me, most especially this track.

The lyrics, hopeful and haunting; the melody, superb. I can literally listen to this all day -- now with a double meaning to me, but really it's just really pretty. Plus it never hurt to have a pretty video to go with it. I want to be left-handed and have a spinning camera while butterflies fly away.
And because I did mention the Lovers in Japan (Rob and Kristen -- and Taylor), here are some of my favorites from that wonderful press conference and premiere in Japan -- which happens to be in Asia -- where I am too. SO near and yet so freaking far. Why do I not have a Japanese visa?!

Rob & Kristen // Lovers in Japan

Lovers, Keep on the road you're onPhoto courtesy of Everglow Media
Tonight maybe we're gonna run. Dreaming of the Osaka sun. Dreaming of when the morning comes.

I know I shouldn't put any hope in these two, but when they're together it just works. There's this crazy chemistry between them (even as friends), there's a certain comfort about the two of them together. And after not seeing them together in a long time, it's nice to see them laugh and still be comfortable with each other.

Keep on Soldiering OnPhoto courtesy of Everglow Media
Lovers, keep on the road you're on. Runners, until the race is run. Soldiers, you've got to soldier on. Sometimes even right is wrong

How pretty is Kristen?! This Paule Ka dress (which she changed out of) and the Herve Leroux gown for the premiere look really smashing on her. She still looks a little nervous during the press conference, but that wouldn't Kristen if she wasn't a little on edge. Her skin is so clear now though. So beautiful.

Keeping his Head downPhoto courtesy of Everglow Media
They are turning my head out to see what I'm all about. Keeping my head down, to see what it feels like now. But I have no doubt, one day the sun will come out

Then of course there is the issue of Rob's prettyness. Back-to-back cleaned-up looks for Mr. Pattinson? Job well done, my friend stylist (a theory given by searchtheskies) which isn't totally impossible. I blame it on showers. I think just maybe he's actually taken one between the Oscars and this. Shower or no shower, I don't mind seeing him more often though.

I'm really hoping that my Lovers in Japan had a little fun despite the crazy promotional schedule. I love it when fandoms sort of collide. The smile on my face when I saw these pictures last night was so huge. It didn't hurt to listen to some Coldplay while viewing them either.

LISTEN: Lovers In Japan [MySpace]
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