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My Kind of Pushing[All Movie Photos]
So I have to admit that the only reason I was really excited about watching this movie was Camilla Belle. I wanted to see this beautiful face in action and so it was perfect that Push was showing in the cinemas. It doesn't hurt that Chris Evans is very easy on the eyes either.

The thing was it was a Tuesday evening (and I was afraid that it wouldn't be showing the following day anymore cause movies change every Wednesday) and I had no one to watch with. But taking a cue from graveyardghosts who also watched Push alone (on the same day as me!), I decided to just go for it.

And surprisingly, the movie house was actually pretty full considering it was a weeknight on the nth week of showing. I didn't know this movie would draw that much attention. But I'm glad it did, because though critics hated it (as usual), I'm actually sort of hoping for a sequel. Yup, I enjoyed it that much.

Not Pushing for Awards

One push can change everythingPhoto courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • Glenn Whipp of the Chicago Tribune said:
    Director Paul McGuigan ("Lucky Number Slevin") has never been keen on plot logic, and that might be fine here if he offered anything other than Peter Sova's lush images of Hong Kong.
    I didn't think the plot was that senseless. It is very imaginative in a science-fiction sort of genre, so I don't know of logical should be the right word for it. Sure, I doubt the film was trying to search for any deeper meanings, but it made sense to me, at least.

  • Claudia Puig of USA Today said:
    A supernatural action thriller, is jangly, jarring and violent. But more disconcerting is watching the sweet-faced Dakota Fanning swear, get drunk and pack heat -- in both fists, no less.
    It was so fun to see Dakota Fanning in a non-dramatic role. This girl is actually really funny and I can't wait to see her all grown up. The drunk part? Hilarious. It wasn't as violent as I thought it would be, which is a good thing. I loved the fight sequences though.

  • James Berardinelli of Reel Reviews said:
    The strength of Push is its relentlessness. The movie doesn't pause for anything and, when it provides exposition, it does so without bringing the action to a grinding halt.
    It's true! The movie went on for quite a bit, but it felt really really fast. I didn't even feel the time go by, which is a great thing. And it just kept bringing the action one after the other! I was so expecting for the movie to be a total bust, but it wasn't. At all.

    What I liked About It

    Can anyone say sequel?Photo courtesy of All Movie Photos
  • Hong Kong: Wow. They made use of the location really really well. It felt like Hong Kong was an entire character too! Whenever I'm asked to describe this movie, it's so visually stimulating. All the colors and the use of the Hong Kong (during the day: the markets and the street vendors; at night: the building's lights and the views of the bridges) was spectacular. I couldn't get over their use of location because they really utilized it to their potential!!! I so want to go to Hong Kong now!

  • The characters: I was talking to graveyardghosts over Twitter after the movie and we couldn't seem to choose which powers we wanted just because most of them would be cool to have. Still, I decided on being a Pusher (like Camilla) and she chose Mover (like Chris Evans), but there were so many others like the Watchers, the Shifters, the Sniff, the Shadow, the Wipers, the Bleeder, and the Stitcher!!! All of whom had pretty interesting powers.

  • Chris Evans: IS apparently very very hot. I didn't really pay much attention to him in Fantastic 4, but wow, boy got scorching in this one. Sure, he and Camilla didn't have enough physical contact to my liking, but it was enough for an action/sci-fi movie, I guess. Plus, he was such a cute/sweet older brother to Dakota.

  • Dakota Fanning: Girl was just so funny! The first time she shows up, she's like this old woman trapped in a little girl's body. When she gets drunk though really just seals the deal, cause I don't know if Dakota's gotten drunk already (probably has) because she looked really really funny. She'd be a funny drunk! Makes me want to drink with her. And her drawings? Really bad in a cute way.

  • Camilla Belle: The reason I even watched this movie. She was both a damsel in distress in the movie and yet a hero too. I wasn't sure anymore whether she was in on the plan or if she was being controlled by the baddies too, but the reveal in the end was really good and Camilla was so beautiful even when dirty/bleeding/sick in this movie.

    I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie -- maybe because I went in with really low expectations. Still, by the end of it, I was already hoping for a sequel!!! They were dropping hints left and right for the possibility of one, and I really hope they do make it. I don't know if it made enough money though, so I won't keep my hopes up, but definitely a fun movie to watch -- even when alone!

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