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Skins 03x06: Naomi

Naomi, Get To Know Me[Skins Nation]
I don't know what to blame: my over-hyping the show for myself (i.e. really being excited for this episode cause it was about Naomi) or the fact that the writers just had an off-episode with this one. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't a bad one -- it just wasn't like the usual Skins episodes I've been having this season.

I love Naomi to bits, so I was a bit let down by the drama in this episode. Naomi already has her Emily love plot down so I knew it had to be part of it, I just wasn't sure if I would like their angle on it. Nevertheless, I'm just glad to see her and with the strangest of almost bedfellows too.

Everyone Else
  • castiels was right, we got about 3 minutes of everyone else or probably even less. This is my schtick with Series 3 -- somehow the way the center on each character really isolates them and doesn't really see any development with the others. I don't know maybe it's just me but with Series 1 and 2, I felt like even if it was focused on someone, the rest still had bigger than bit parts. Maybe I'll have to re-watch, but just a thought.

  • The stares between Freddie/Effy was too little interaction, but I understand that things would be quite awkward between these two. The way they look at each other though? Priceless. Just get together! I love how Naomi is still so supportive of this pairing. That makes me like her more!!!

  • JJ as Cook's little campaign manager, all dressed up in his Che Cook Guevarra outfits really really put a smile to my face. I really love JJ and he's so adorable each and every time he comes on screen. Panda smiling at Thomas (who is apparently a student) Wow, things move fast on this show.

    Naomi and Emily
  • What was meant to be the center of this episode, actually sort of made me tired. I wish Naomi would just own up to liking Emily already cause I feel bad for Emily. I know it's hard for Naomi to admit anything cause she's not quite sure what it is, but don't string Emily along. Poor girl. They of course got drunk again, but still looked so pretty while doing so. When I get drunk, I wanna remain perfectly coherent/pretty.

  • The bike montage was really so beautiful. I officially want to break out my bike and wear a skirt and bike in the countryside. Also, wasn't this camping site that the first series went to before for Michelle's birthday? I don't know. And it's official, Naomi's had some of that and yet is still too chicken to own up to anything. Boo.

  • The hand holding through the puppy's door was precious though. That was a nice touch. I want to be able to come up with something like that. It was so simple and yet so touching. I wonder how these two will be in the upcoming episodes.

    Naomi and Cookie
  • And why am I finding myself liking Cookie again?!?! It's like he has some sort of pact, to be hated one episode and then redeemed the next. So the Cookie Love/Hate count is at what? 3 for 3? Amazing. I love how he totally challenges Naomi all for sex. This guy needs to have his penis fixed -- he's horny all the time!!!

  • So magnanimous in victory, this Cook. Only he could pull of channeling Che Guevara and WINNING a democratic election. The riot that broke out afterward was waaaaay over the top, but totally hilarious. Highlight of the episode for me, just because it had been too heavy.

  • And wow, he actually allowed Naomi to say NO to him?! Someone's got some heart/brain after all. Oh Cookie, don't make me like you too much only to let me hate you again. This guy, knows how sway my opinion so much. I don't know what to expect anymore.

    Next week, we get JJ!!! I don't want to be so excited anymore, lest I get let down, but I really am, cause I really love this boy so much and based on the preview, I'm afraid for him and the fact that he's being asked to choose. oh noes.
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