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American Idol 8: Top 36 (Round 2) Results

Last night's bore-fest wasn't how a Top 36 performance night was supposed to go. I've slept on it, and some performances sounded better rest. But others were still as horrible.

Pamy and I disagreed on some performances (she's still not loving the emo kiddies) but we're generally on the consensus -- at least when it comes to non-comedic matters.

I don't think I've ever correctly predicted the Top 3. Last week, I got 1 out of 3. So this week was a pleasant surprise. I just don't know anymore. Obviously, Adam Lambert was the shoo-in to the Top 12. If America couldn't vote him in, I'm sure the producers would have done something about it.

Allison Iraheta though, I'm still on the fence. I thought she was good, but I was never into the rocker kid. She's like a mini-Gina Glocksen, whom I wasn't the biggest fan of. Still, I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

But the best surprise of the night was seeing not-just-pretty-boy, Kris Allen make it through. In the tweet of genrocks, American Idol! Never underestimate the power of the cutie patootie facotr.! Who freaking knew?! I mean he had a good performance, but he didn't have as much pimping as others?!? Do I see myself jumping onto the Allen-wagon? I don't know just yet, but if things turn out bad for Round 3, consider myself part of it.

And though Pamy may want Nick Gentle (I'm getting his names mixed up) in the Wild card just for entertainment's sake, I'm actually hoping Matt Giraud takes the spot. Last night was a bad night for him, but I believe in the power of his Georgia On My Mind. I hope the judges see that too.

Poll #1356297 Top 36 (Round 2) Results

Do you agree with the first three finalists of the Top 12?


Who do you think should be chosen for the Wild Card?

Jasmie Murray
Jeanine Vailes
Jesse Langseth
Kai Kalama
Matt Brietzke
Matt Giraud
Megan Corkrey
Mishavonna Henson
Nick Mitchell/Norman Gentle
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