Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

iShip Zanessa ♥

Oh young love, where art thou? I think I'm waaaaay past the age limit to experience 'young love' and so I will just have to live through Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgen's much publicized relationship. Yes, I've always been a fan of these young hot things hooking up (Justin♥Britneyforever), and though their shelf life may not last past their early-twenties, it looks like it's so much fun while it lasts.

For me though, if I did experience young love, it couldn't possibly be as grand as Zanessa. These two make more money than I could ever imagine and thus can fund the jetting-to-see-each-other-if-we're-not-working-together lifestyle; the constant going out to fancy restaurants in LA or in Paris; looking amazingly disheveled during the morning after coffee runs; leaning on each other court side at a game I'm so not paying attention to; frolicking in the beach in our lovely bikini/washboard abs bodies; and just all around looking cute while they can.

And I haven't even mentioned how cute they can be when they're on screen together. It's Disney's total fantasy. I'm far from bitter. In fact, I love them so much, it hurts. I wish I could be them. Not Vanessa or Zac alone, but as the superbeing that is Zanessa. Nude scandals aside, these two seem pretty freaking solid. They're so pretty, my eyes can't take it. So if I were to be reincarnated as someone, I wouldn't mind being one of these young celebs in these hot relationships with cute portmanteaus.

Tags: i ship, zac efron
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