Patty (woodycakes) wrote,

How Does He Twist the Dance?

A week or so ago, dictums had posted this video of this Yale graphic design grad student Ely Kim, dancing in 100 different places, to 100 different songs, for 100 days. The idea itself is absurd, but when the finished product was done, Ely Kim got me off of my chair, and dancing. Really. This guy is actually a really good dancer and he's got some wicked moves.

It's funny cause it made of think of how the hell he shot this thing -- whether someone was recording for him or it was just him alone. I mean someone had to be passing by (wherever pretty place it was that he shot in) while he took the video and yet he was dancing like there's no tomorrow (when in fact, there were 99 tomorrows).

I wanna be able to dance like this. Super not caring about what others think and just letting lose. On April 26, when I go out to celebrate graduation, I think I'll look something like Day 95. OThe video's 9 minutes, but totally worth the wait, you'll want to dance too, I guarantee.

Boombox [Vimeo]
Tags: culture, videos
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