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He's Just Not That Into You

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I love reading movie reviews and because most signs pointed towards No, don't watch this movie for He's Just Not That Into You, I sort of had second thoughts on whether I was going to shell out money for this (considering it wasn't a parental-sponsored movie).

But then, all my friends who'd seen it seemed to like it. Really like it. And critics are always harsh right? Plus, with the ensemble cast and the self-help book angle and the fact that it is a romantic comedy, how could I say no? Plus Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston were in it! This is rom-com central! Right up my alley.

So I sucked it up. It couldn't suck that bad. I gave Bride Wars a chance and it wasn't half bad either. I should just let the critics be critics. So when I got into the theater with my former orgmates, who were a great bunch to watch this with, I couldn't help but psych myself up for this. And I'm kind of glad I did.

So the critics hated it. Jezebel (a site that I love so much) hated it so much, it actually did an entire liveblog from it. This sort of made me question why I would enjoy this, but hey I'm a sucker. So let's try to see what everyone else was so not into anyway.

Things Others Weren't So Into

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  • Tasha Robinson of the Chicago Tribune said:
    Some of the players comport themselves better than others--Barrymore is sweetly wistful in her minor role, while Johansson, as a confident go-getter who sets out to steal her crush object rather than moon over him, is sexier than the whole cast put together.
    I have to say I'm not a very good judge of acting, cause I couldn't act to save myself, but I do agree that Drew Barrymore did a pretty kick ass job despite her very little screen time. It was halfway through the film I think, when she finally made her appearance and well it was worth the wait. She was so quirky and cute. As for Scarlett -- well she wasn't once called the Sexiest Woman Alive for nothing. Girl had her boobies up and out the entire time and I can't blame her. If you've got it, flaunt it. And flaunt she did.

  • Connie Ogle of the Miami Herald said:
    The fact that you won't remember any of these names for more than a minute should indicate exactly how much depth each character displays.
    Not that they were forgettable, but there were soooo many people I did have a hard time remembering everyone's names. But when all the storylines were established and things weren't too introductory anymore, I sort of got a hang of everyone's names. I think. Don't ask me to name them at the top of my head now though.

  • Kirk Honeycutt of The Hollywood Reporter said:
    All of this results in way too much relationship chatter and not nearly enough comedy, romance or even dysfunctional relationships. We want to laugh -- but at what?
    Yeah, it was more romance/trying to get romance-centric than comedy and that's okay. It's hard to be really really funny, I guess. But when they did do their funnies, it was really funny and really well played out.

  • Betty Sharkey of the Los Angeles Times said:
    The result is a bit like a weightless swirl of cotton candy with a mere second of sweetness before it dissolves on your tongue. But then there's nothing wrong with cotton candy, and besides, the filmmakers never promised more. I guess they're just not into that.
    This just says it. I don't think the filmmakers promised some thought-provoking, Oscar winning piece. It's still a chick flick and though movies can challenge definitions, I guess the chick flick wasn't exactly meant to be a discourse on life. Though maybe that's why critics are so angry, cause they label 'shallow' movies as movies for chicks and that could get them all riled up. So let's call it a romantic comedy instead. Yes? Yes.

  • Mick LaSalle of the San Francisco Chronicle said:
    Never soars, but it never flags. It remains brisk, engaging and pleasant throughout, and face it: If a movie this well made had Spanish or French subtitles, we'd all be talking about it as a searing examination of sexual politics.
    In fairness, I really do agree. There is a mystique about foreign films. And if this one had subtitles, it would be far less criticized. Maybe that's just me and Mick LaSalle, but I guess expectations were a little too high for this.

    Things I was Into

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  • Ginnifer Goodwin: She does embarrassing really well. Her character Gigi is just the poster girl for FAIL and she does FAIL so well. I literally wanted to lock her up in a phone-less, window-less room just so that she couldn't embarrass herself any further. Yes, in the end she gets the boy we all knew she'd get, but she was a really cute, fun heroine.

  • Ben Affleck: Oh wow. Who knew he was still so hot? His character, Neil was just the epitome of perfection. He washes dishes, is committed to you, and okay, so he doesn't want to get married EVER. That is, where EVER is defined as the end of the movie where you live happily ever after. Not too consistent, but okay, I'll let it slide.

  • Justin Long: Damn. Who knew this geeky boy could be so freaking cute after all?! Bartender/bar owner/relationship adviser to Gigi, he was just all sorts of adorable even while being an asshole. Plus he always said things like they were and we all need someone like that in real life.

  • Bradley Cooper: I honestly don't remember Will Tippin from Alias being THIS HOT. This man was the most scorching character on the show. So Ben cheated on his OC wife, and I don't condone it at all, but Bradley made everything look like it was on fire!!! His blue eyes were just soooo very dreamy. Please. I need more rom-coms from you, mister!

  • Busy Phillips: Severely underused!!! But really nice to see her! I miss her from Dawson's Creek and was happy to see her here. I wish she would have gotten a bigger part though! I'll take what I can get though. Poor girl, unrequited love for Justin Long!!!

  • I liked the soundtrack too! And the clothes! Everyone was so good looking. Jennifer Connelly was always so freaking well-dressed. And the sets were so aesthetically pleasing! What a cute office they work in! I wanna work in some place like that!

    Over all, I ended up enjoying the movie more than I thought I would. I didn't laugh as much and it was really cheesy at times, but I knew I had signed up for something like that anyway. And I've once again said waaaay too much over a movie. I can't help myself, really. Still, I'll probably get this on DVD just because you can NEVER have too many rom-coms in your arsenal. Really.

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